So Like, What's the Title?

"I was watching 'Kami' the series recently. I'm impressed with the cinematography, local cultures & subcultures displayed in the show. I've been watching Jdramas for a while & see how Japanese high school students are like. Back then I used to watch American teen flicks & learn about their culture there. In 'Kami' & ' 5 Jingga' we get to see Malaysian version of school students. Then it made me think there should be more series like this; about our school kids & so on.

Since a lot of manga were adapted into live action show, why not GEMPAKSTARZ produce live action show? Well, it might be difficult for them to fulfill, but this is just a suggestion from a fan.

So which comic do you guys wanna see turn into a drama?

Kalau yang ada magik2 & alam fantasi tu susah la. Siri 'Maskeret Cinta' is more likely to be turned into drama but I'd LOVE to see a real life 'Under-18'! Other than that, '2 Dudes', '' pun boleh gak."

Taken from Gempak volume 223, I decided to use his exact words to convey the messages here. His experiences, his opinion, his observation, his interest, all seems to have some similarities to me, so I figured that it will be best for me to quote him here. Hope he won't mind eh?

I totally agree with him. We should have more series and movies like Kami instead of all the bullshits they are having on the TV. They kept on and on to flatter the so rich and famous lifestyle and corporative theme and most viewers like them for reasons unknown, well perhaps for the purpose of dreaming and wishing for such a life that they stuck on to the story. And its been going on since years, I was surprised that they somehow maintained the mentality and remained true to the rich folks idea

Through not all local series and movies are stereotypes like that, its just too many of them are potrayed in most series and movies. People like to watch things that are unreal, or distinct in terms of reality. They make corny love stories, where they will be some rich dudes or chicks, put next to a pair that is excruciatingly poor, and came from the village. They rarely wanted to show the dark side of the society, and I mean the true dark side of the society, not the bribes of the corporates and wife cheating on husband, and stuff, bla3...

In Kami the series, the life of the teens are potrayed at perhaps its best. By ditching the senseless theme of happy ending stuff or love is the power, shits and all, it focused on the lifestyle of the teenagers and the problems in their life. It gave greater view of what teenagers are facing nowadays, how they are connected to the world, and shows the relationship between themselves. Though it mainly aims at the teenagers around the city area such as KL, the general idea on teenagers is as clear as riverwater, you can see it right on through

This is what people should watch. This is the thing that people have to understand and fathom. Things that people always overlook. Things that people are always being biased at. Look at the parents in the city. They hardly paid any attention to their own kids, yet they think that they understand their own kids and got them controlled under their thumbs. Yet, when their kids rebelled in a way, such as through music and fashion sense, they are dumbfounded and blamed others for it. Yet they don't understand, that the kids will always take after them, and they are the main factor of what the kids will grow up to be

So when teenagers resolved to extremities such as fighting, robbery, and worse, masochistic behaviour and suicide, parents don't know anything about it yet they are the sole reasons to be blamed for. Don't go screaming "why?!" and point fingers then, just blame yourself for not understanding, or even tried to

Understand that, mother and father are very important to teenagers, though in some stages they might be openly denying that. Parents are everything to them in this world, since their birth to the end of their lives, and even if they only exist as memories. How a person becomes a person all depends on the parents, and that's the ultimate truth that we need to understand

Alhamdulillah for my mom and dad, for bringing me up to be the person that I am today

Oh, seems like I went overboard on this post. I don't know anymore what's the purpose of this post, seems like emotions took control over me again. Oh well, no use deleting it now eh?

I want to write more, elaborate more on what I'm trying to say, but it seems like this post is getting more and more confusing with many things that I want to say at the same time, so I'll stop here. If you guys read until this line, thank you, and I hope you understand what I'm trying to say here yeah?


Aku semakin kurang baca buku sekarang. Makin banyak assignment ke atau aku dah semakin kurang rasa sunyi dalam hidup ini?


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