Salam. If you would only listen to the default music, and perhaps you can understand it a bit. And if your browser's a little slow, kindly wait a little for it to download all and listen after that while reading this post will ya? :)

Somebody asked me, "Will you miss me when all of this is over? We'll still be friend afterward right?"

I just kept quiet, and just hushed along without really answering. Oh please don't ask me such a harsh question. Won't the answer be predictable? How would you feel should we all get separated after this and perhaps never meet again, ever in this life?

I just made some new and great friends lately, those that I had missed getting to know such last sem. Why fate has been so cruel to let me feel affection for them all? Why fate has let me open up to people and let me feel like I need them in my life? No, I got no complaints, for now I have company and someone to talk to after many years of loneliness

And soon, it'll be like last time, and I'll be lonely again...

If you are reading until this line while listening to the music in my blog, know this. I shed my tears for the incoming farewell. Maybe it is still early to say that it is time to go yet, since our drama is still a week more, but no, the future's too scary. Please tell me that time will pass more slowly after this...

And still, I haven't tell her the truth yet...

Bersabar dengan dugaan yang sedia ada. Gaduh, practice drama, assignment, speech... Haihhh


  1. hahahaha.. awwww... =D touche touche.

  2. weird..
    i hope time will past fast
    laenla klau....

  3. to winnie
    woohoo haha

    to amri
    pedia? aku benci org cakap x habis ni

  4. nicely put. :)

    we'll all miss evryone. :D

    i'll miss mak guard menyombong tuh. haha!

  5. hee~ thanks

    sure we'll all do :)

    which one? :P