Take Another Look

Salam. Have you ever had this feeling that people are avoiding you, and people are talking behind your back? And that people are somehow avoiding you because they are afraid of you?

Looking back through my few recent post, I can only see lots and lots of sarcasm spewed around and depression notes hitting on every syllabus of my writing. And I only realised that if I myself felt uneasy reading it myself, what more other people would say ehh? Oh well, gotta revert myself to the old optimistic-like-hell dude that annoys everyone around him

Yes, I prefer people hate me because I'm happy rather that people hate me because I'm sad

Perhaps I know the reason why I feels like I lost some very good friends back then. Why some of my friends from Tajuddin years plainly ignore me. Why some of my friends that from Jitra years no longer take the trouble to say hi to me. Why some of my batchmate no longer talks to me like we're used toback then. Why some of my juniors, especially from my own homeroom, where they are like my brothers and sisters, no longer need me to give them advice like I'm used to. Why I'm losing them friends when I'm still in front of them, interacting day in and day out

I'm not going to sulk or complaint anymore. I'm gonna find out the reason why and change myself for the better. Please don' look at me like I'm some crazy dude or someone dangerous or whatsoever

I'm just afraid okay? I need friends, them all

Oh yeah, dunia ini memang lah sangat kecik, either in terms of luas dia dalam universe ini, or in terms of our relationship with people. Everyone is connected somehow, dan itu adalah satu perkara yang perlu kita ingat dalam kehidupan seharian. Indahnya ciptaan Allah...


  1. erk...sesungguhnya kita tak boleh bergerak sorang² dalam dunia neh...huhu

    x per...ada ja org nak kawan hg...

  2. sudikah kau wawa?
    bdk klas kita yg len suma dh wat tatau ja ngan aku...

  3. what use are friends that talk behind ur back anyways? Indeed, u should not live alone, but dont sulk on losing pathetic friends, instead change for the better n find worthy companions. :)

  4. ala,arif mcm ko aje ader masalah ngan org sekeliling,
    try to look around,
    u r not alone

  5. to lin
    perhaps. or is it just that i am the pathetic one, tht's what i want to know

    to april
    hahaha yeah i do realise tht
    don't mind me being a jerk here