I'm Sorry That I'm Such a Fool

Salam. "Problems at school, hassles with parents, relationship trouble - teenagers have many reasons to view life as being full of setbacks." Taken from RDTeen section of Reader's Digest March 09 issue.

Should this be the reason for me to be such a dork? Is it enough reasons for me to self-pity whereas there's some people out there who suffers a lot more, yet they are stronger and they are still able to put up a smile. Heck, our brothers and sisters up north are suffering even more than we Malaysian can ever imagine, and yet here I am whining and acting like some ungrateful child who was spoiled to the root yet wanting for some more

I even went as far as almost taking something that is very precious to me, something that was given to me without me asking for it, a gift bestowed to me that is like no other. I almost condemned myself, for almost taking it, for not being thankful to my mom for the chance given to her to give me it. I almost jumped over the edge, I almost took what's not mine and be sinned like hell

Say no more. Should I continue, I fear I'll only hate myself more and more. Though people like rocking seas tales, too much of a squall and bad news will only disgust people

Ya aku memang kerek, aku memang bangang kerana aku kerek, aku minta maaf, aku tak berani nak beritahu kau depan2