{no english title}{kosong}

Aku perlukan ruang. Biarlah blog aku sepi seketika. Aku dah tak larat lagi. Letih yang melampau. Ya Allah berikanlah aku kekuatan...

Masa semakin hampir, tapi aku masih di takuk lama. Bolehkah aku berubah sebelum aku terlambat dan menyesal buat kali yang kedua?

I love you, but I still can't say it directly to you... This feeling is really killing me, its suicidal. I know that it is lame, and people might hate me for expressing my feeling inside here, in this blog instead of directly to her. But, ohhh, I don't know. Why am I such a wuss when it comes to this...

I don't want to feel another regret like I've felt before. I'm going a step forward now. Ya Allah, give me strength and if I'm doing the right thing for Your love, please let everything be a smooth sailing. I'm just a sinned slave with no self-regard, yet here I am praying for Your help. Please forgive me...

There's someone I'm in love with...
Although I can't be with her now...
I'm still in love with her...


  1. aref, if u need anything
    i'll be there for you okay. :)

  2. thank you boi :)
    i'm just all helpless right now...

  3. .............. just profess your feelings to whoever that is. all the best! =)

  4. Dean,
    benarkan hati kamu rapuh sekarang, it's the only way to heal it...
    tapi, bukan sebelum mencuba.

    closure itu akan tiba dan kamu akan lihat segalanya dalam a cheery sky blue tint...

    selamat melakukannya!

  5. to winnie
    hahaha thanks :)

    to Lin

    to azyze
    terima kasih for tht advice :)
    i guess i should learn from the more experienced right? :)

    i guess i will anytime soon XD