Stranger Stranger

You know what our parents would say about talking to strangers? About how we're not supposed to talk to strangers, in fear of stuff like kidnapping, infusing of political bullshit, using you as a jerk-off tools, as the case for the pedophiles, and many more negative reasons why

But sometimes, when you break the rules, you can get a lovely surprise you see

Omegle conversation log 2010-08-05

Stranger: Hello.
You: Hi
Stranger: How are you?
You: Fine
You: you?
Stranger: Fine, thanks.
Stranger: What brings you here?
You: Bored, really
Stranger: Like a lot of people around here.
You: I can see that
You: What about you?
Stranger: I'm looking for interesting strangers.
You: Yeah?
Stranger: Right.
You: Any luck?
Stranger: No, I'm out of luck lately.
You: Hahah
You: This place is filled with freaks
You: No wonder
Stranger: Haha, I've seen it all.
Stranger: What's your name?
You: Let's use a nick
You: Id
You: What about you?
Stranger: Nox.
You: Okay, Nox
Stranger: Nice to meet you.
You: Nice to meet you
You: hmm
Stranger: Yes?
You: Why Nox?
Stranger: It means "night" in Latin.
You: Oh really?
You: Cool
You: You like the night?
Stranger: Of course, it inspires me.
You: Haha
You: You watch the stars?
You: Something like that?
Stranger: I watch the darkness.
You: Eh?
You: What's so intriguing about the darkness?
Stranger: The mystery. Absence of colors yet they are still there, strangers in the night...
Stranger: I simply enjoy it.
Stranger: It's easy to rest and think when the everyday life has fallen asleep.
You: Yeah, I can feel that one
Stranger: What do you prefer, day or night?
You: Night
You: Because I like to be alone
You: Well not to say that I'm kinda aloof
Stranger: I see, you like to relax.
You: Haha, yeah, perhaps
You: Say, you like cats?
Stranger: Yes, I have a lot of them.
You: Wow, cool
You: Haha
You: I used to have lots of them, too
Stranger: If I'm not mistaken, I have eight cats.
Stranger: They come and go, some decide to stay.
Stranger: My home is like a train station for them.
Stranger: Drop off, eat, drink, rest... Catch the next train.
Stranger: Breathe some fresh air.
You: And you're the one watching them
You: Observing them
You: as they come and go
You: haha
Stranger: I'm the station manager, haha.
You: So how does it feel?
You: Being the station manager
Stranger: It's quite artistic.
Stranger: A bit like being here, but feeling the nature around me.
Stranger: Cats tend to be like strangers here.
Stranger: They'll sneak into the house and grab a piece of pie, some even open the doors.
Stranger: Male cats can't tolerate their kind, like the "asl" people here.
Stranger: If they really need to eat, meowing with an angel's voice is heard.
Stranger: And in the end, the bored and lazy ones come and do their ritual - paws up, pawns down on my belly. Sleeping occurs.
Stranger: I see the similarities between them and strangers here, hence I say that this site is like a train station.
You: Hmmmm
You: do you see me like one of the cats that come to your house?
Stranger: I don't know you well. Even the last cat that came here is more familiar to me.
You: Haha okay
You: Fair enough
You: A stranger is a stranger after all
Stranger: Until befriended.
Stranger: If the chance is missed, then strangers remain what they were.
You: That is correct
You: Haha
You: I've met lots of strangers that I wish I could befriend
You: But I just passed the chance away, time and again
Stranger: Rinse and repeat in a heart's beat.
You: Rinse and repeat in a heart's beat?
Stranger: It usually is, the answer to asl quiz.
You: Haha yeah?
Stranger: Until you find, the soul for your mind.
You: The soul for my mind ehh...
Stranger: A lot of trouble to meet.
Stranger: The right person with a good treat.
You: :D
Stranger: :)
You: Hey, that rhymes
You: I like you haha
Stranger: All of a sudden?!
You: Haha sorry
You: If that came out wrong
Stranger: No need to apologize.
Stranger: I'm just surprised.
You: Haha well, it's kinda like
You: Not the 'I like you' expression
You: But I like you, as a person
You: haha
You: you're very interesting
Stranger: I find you capable of finding interest.
You: Yeah?
You: Well I'm flattered
You: I thought I'm such a boring person
You: Haha :P
Stranger: I have a question to ask.
You: Yes?
Stranger: Do you have any instant messenger or perhaps e-mail? I have to go now.
Stranger: It would be such a shame to end this conversation.
You: Yes, I believe so too
You: you do msn?
You: that's my email for msn
Stranger: Yes, I do.
You: Cool
You: :)
Stranger: Well then, salutations!
You: Salutations, then
You: :D