Here We Go Again

Salam. It's been a while, I've been tried by many challenges so hard, and now I'm so exhausted. Perhaps I'll take a break from it all, save a soul or whatever

It has been such a blasted week for me, though I've been through a more physically tormenting week before where I didn't sleep at all, but this time it is more harsh on my emotion. Things that are happening, I don't know how much longer I will be able to hold on. Perhaps tomorrow, the day after, a week then, a months away, or sometime in the future unknown... But I know, I gotta hold on, for their sake

Ahh man, stop your rambling. It's everyone's story, everyone's hardship. Just how it unravels differentiates us all

Everyone, especially my fellow Asasi Teslians, go take a break during this weekend. Go home, or at least go shopping somewhere not too far. Or perhaps you could go to a beach somewhere, or even just a park around your place. Whatever it is, just go, fly. I can see from others how tired you guys are, and it makes me even more tired than I really am, I mean it. When you starts to forget to cut your own nails or comb your hair in the morning, it really shows and affect others

The day before on 13th Friday I went to some magic show performed by Barry and Stuart the part time warlocks. It was very entertaining... hahah, I'll let AJ do the honour here since he's one of the so-called victim of Barry and Stuart. After the show, I saw some cat behind the KLPac that was kept captive in this one huge cage. When I approached them, they came close to me, mewing like hell wanting to get out of the cage. I felt a sudden pity for them, and a strong urge to just find a scissor or something to cut through the cage and let them be free, I mean look at their eyes and you can just see pure sufferings

But then again, I didn't because I know I'll only bring trouble to others and I won't be able to take care of the cats after all, being an outsider myself. Regrets, another regrets, and yet another regrets. I can live with that, but perhaps less sleep hour I think :/

Right now this very moment I'm going to download Kino no Tabi the movie numero uno and dos, and perhaps some episode of the Monster series. It's been quite a while that I've been watching some quality Japanese arts, and now perhaps it's a good time to start again. Now that I come to think of it, I haven't heard anything from Nobue Uematsu lately, it has just been Staind, SOAD, Mayday Parade and stuff that sings about world's miseries

I think I need to change. Or I'm just killing myself with every each passing minutes

Baru aku tau malam pergi KLPac tuh yang Miss Aziati nih rupanya a very nice person. Kalaulah dia yang mengajar aku, hehe, bukan aku tak suka Madam Izyani yang mengajar :P


  1. mis aziati mmg super baek~~
    super duper~~

  2. itu la psal
    jom tuka lecturer jom~ :P