Meet My Son

Salam. So yeah, I'm going to make a conclusion now that Law students are taking it easier than us Teslians in terms of workload and stuff. Why I do say so? Huh, if they have the time to play Myspace during their writing class or whatsoever class, that means something on the overall impression, isn't it? And lately, I can only hear complaints of too many assignments from Teslians instead of the Law students

Oh well whatever, should've I known it is the case, Law would be my first case instead of Tesl :P

It is holiday's week, and I'm trapped physically here in Shah Alam. The shouting of kids that reside by my Kolej Meranti during nights is so annoying, they just reminds me of all the fun that I missed. The kids went back to my house, and it is a sick irony that the I am here in Shah Alam whereas they are back in Kedah, and I'm not there as usual. Oh I need the break, assignments are killing me~

Luckily, despite the solemn rain in the morning, Allah has blessed me with a bit of happiness during the night time. My sister who's on holiday, she's a teacher, came to Putrajaya to visit her husband during this week. She called me on the evening before and said that she and her husband will bring their son and only son to meet up with me in Shah Alam. I was surprised, my sister usually won't take the trouble to go some distances away plus she doesn't know the way around Shah Alam, I have already given up on the prospects of her visiting me before. I was delighted, and grateful at most

We met up at Dataran Bunga Raya behind Masjid Shah Alam at some shop named Kedai Kopi (really). I was so pleasantly surprised when Umar started hugging me and kept on clinging to me afterwards, which he usually won't do if his father is around. He kept holding on my hand, taking me everywhere to see that, to see this. He glanced at the fish, he went to the lake to watch the turtles arise from the pond nearby and watch some koi fish swam around. It was very tiring, I sweat like hell, but I was glad I can entertain that boy again. It was like he is my own son, and seeing him all smiles and he's quite talkative for a three year old, I kind of wishing something...

With this kind of face, you can already perhaps guess how naughty this boy is? Hahaha, now I'm a bit cooler and all the stress from the bloody assignments are now less from before, no longer suicidal. Oh yeah I forgot...

His name is Umar Hakimi, and of all of my nephews and nieces, he's my favourite :)

Panel discussion yeah, hahaha apa aku nak cakap nanti ehh?


  1. salam,arif.
    ni kata2 ikhlas dari hati saya, so sory klu terasa.
    camni, utk mereka yg leh on9 time writing tu, sebenr yer, kami ambk mudh clas tu, kerja yg spetut yer leh siap 1 1/2 week jadi sebulan, coz kitowg agk kuang ajar coz lecturer bg kebebasan biar leh siap cpt, ni tak uat benda lain then jadi lain plak..

    pasal kitowg cm xde keja tu,
    sume student ad je keja..
    selalu yer, kitowg akan dilimpah kn dgn keja around 1 bln b4 study week,
    so kitowg akan start buzy dgn keja starting around this weekend..
    so, tggu la complain dr kowg akn bermula tak lame lg..
    so, mm, nk ckp tu je ar..

  2. who's your son?!!
    muahaha ! however,
    umar shumell mcm aiman !

  3. MAYBE the law students arent complaining currently, atleast not as much as us TESLians, but i would NEVER prefer law above tesl! (Law students, no offense eh). Think of it mr ariffudin yusoff, we're loaded with what assignments?
    Drama, radio drama, panel discussion, islamic studies presentations etc. you can twist them around and turn them into FUN! :D
    (thts how i overcome the fear of homework at least)

    whereas law students hve to learn HISTORY!!! oh God! i could DIE if i'd have to repeat mlysian studies. THAT i call stress! T.T

    the point is, taking tesl is supposed to be fun, so cheer up a bit, p main ngn anak, bg mkn ikan, paint a picture, just hve f u n! :D

  4. to nicca
    no stop, im sorry for being such a jerk
    its not that i'm saying bad things to law students or whatsoever you may perceive it
    aku nih je ngikut perasaan sngt bla blog aku, tht's my norm, n tetiba ja aku compare law student ngan diri aku yg bangang neh, saja nk exaggerate point tuh n gna perception yg law student nih are supposed to be busy, yet i seems to be more busy lah kononnya

    aku minat law, tnyalah bdk maktab aku, tp aku penakut, sbb low self-esteem aku amek tesl
    aku respek korang sesangat, so jgn lah amek hati pls ok?

    to yana
    eleh korang tuh. xnak ngaku im your faveret uncle muahahahaha~ ayahsu plg comel antara suma :P

    to lin
    yeah, kita bdk tesl nih kuat mengomel la kan
    hmmm, entahlaa, sem lepas assignments was fun, but idk, no more lah lately neh

    thnks anyway :)