Pictures Pictures!

Salam. The sayings of the old and the wise sounds like this, a picture is worth a thousand words. Holding true to the belief, let's make some post worthy of a bajillion words shall we?


PGL night, where all of them dresses fancily, except for me XD Who cares anyway hakhak

My favourite nephew, because he's the most naughty of them all :)

Raya at IJN, because my mom got sick. Through it all, I'm just glad that she's fine and I gained some new experiences of celebrating Raya at a hospital hahahaha

SPM is never lovely, that's way we had to be creative in entertaining ourselves :P

Ardentz Crew, lovely peoples that are my classmates during my Beseri era :)

A407!!! Dudes I hang out with during my first sem in UITM Shah Alam. Fun's the keyword here XD

Oh, times that I got high on pure pressure XD

Nephews! At some garden by the roadside, ape park ntah :P

Yes, I'm an ex PLKN trainee. DELTA forever!

Graduation day rehearsals. Heheh, miss them bunch a lots, Batch 22

Introducing~ Guess who? Ma dad, duh, hehe

Last minute work that's completed is so much fun and addictive I tell ya XD

Memories of the lost phone T_T Nokia 6120 classic, and my sister bought it for me, no more now I guess heheh :(

Tell me, what are you thinking now? Hmmm~

My homeroom family in Beseri, Topaz Eleven. I really miss them, they are like brothers that I never had

Morning after Subuh in Shah Alam is not bad after all, thanks to all the beautiful pigeons :)

Chaos perhaps? No sentiment of rascism here, heheh XD

The best of buddies, running through the jungles, kawating in the heat together, the best of PLKN is with friends, take it from me

The day of Zalia's departing into a better future. Though she had a short stint here, her warm presence is what keep her memories with us inside our heart

A day before the holidays, went over to DC for one crazy night ahah! XD

Being a student with only studies and assignments to think about 24/7, creativity and idiotism is what kept us all alive XD

One of the pictures where me and my roommates went cam-whoring in Shah Alam XD

Look at the important figures up there, making us all excited and smiling XDXDXD

Try wearing baju melayu in the middle of the day and try to smile like a fool

I'm not a fan of ikan masin, mind ya XD

Underground beggars because of over-shopping

Beseri boys reunion in Midvalley, oh miss them a real deal :)

Fun with Azim's IMac, shown here, jakun x penah tngk komputer apple XD

Terrorized citizens of Shah Alam that fears students-gone-wild groups which is us

Since when SIRIM building is a good spot for picture taking? Nights when your hormones are raging wild with insanities XDXDXD

Self-taken picture? Think again XD

Done! Now that will be RM10 for all the time I spend in the cybercafe to upload all of this picture XD

Tak padan dengan kerja x siap lagi, bleh main2 lagi XDXDXD


  1. haha
    org gile
    trbaek pnye pics!
    balik woi...ade sardin kt umah

  2. jap2
    nk bergumbira lagi kat cc
    tinggal sikit kat aku

  3. haha, korang 2 ni comel lah. ok itu tetibe.


  4. eh eh, wafi plak yg dia nmpk

  5. hmm, kawayii..kawayii (comel) those pics are cool and ugly smart. I wonder why don't u put a picture of whole members in our class huh..ala yg kite tangkap masa L&S tue...
    tue pun comel gak.. won't rite.. no reason for that..joking lol

    more pictures perhaps after this..I wonder

  6. omg
    gambar depan sirim, abang ibrahim abu shah posing ala-ala, PKNS..
    you brought back memories long hidden la Ariff! Terima kasih!

    (sekarang tengah korek memory box of tasik, kedai soto sek8, plaza masalam, burger mat pis Seksyen 2 r.i.p, bas uitm, panjat tangga Menara sampai Level 13 dan minggu wawasan siswa poyo)

  7. ahahahahahah.... i went to plkn too what. blek! =D

  8. to zouk, eh silap, zouq
    ehh kalau bleh, aku nk buh gak, tp time aku wat benda neh random je aku amek gambar, plus aku senirik tada gamba tuh, bnyk dr cam zach ja, gambar tu sapa ada pon aku tatau

    to azyze gomez
    woahh, what a nice coincidence, welcome2! :)
    man, there's more place to be explored still?
    hahaha, okeyh, next weekend!~

    to winnie
    hakhak XD! i can't see the plkn material in you pon? XDXDXD

    meh sini, nak culik.

  10. to arlina
    cehh mmg, ko nk dia, ko kena lepas aku dulu sbagai abg dia muahahahahaha

    to Nad
    ehehehe, pinjam sudah :P

    to boi
    of course, my dear hehe
    nape private blog?

  11. last one: my fab pic,cute!!!

    8th pic: babysitter eh? phewitt =P

  12. oh yeah, i'm the one who took it hehe
    oh no no, im not a babysitter, semua anak kakak aku, tp in a sense, mmg kena babysit diorang pon anytime mak2 diorang gi shopping hahahaha XD