Earth Hour 2009, Grammar Class (Erkh?)

Salam. It might be a little late for me to help out spread out the words, since it will be tomorrow already, but oh what the heck. Earth Hour people, 28th of March 2009

Oh yeah. Its a pretty cool idea to turn off the lights to show our support. By this way, we can show all the world leader how we all want a better future and put aside their ego and stuff. I really can't stand the heat anymore, it's killing me. Oh yeah. I'm getting some good vibes about joining this thing tomorrow, really can't wait

On a heavier/lighter note, I'm really kinda glad of this idea of staying in the dark for one hour. I really can't bear with this certain emotion that has been controlling many people nowadays. Anger, wrath, and the root of this is the assignments and the drama preparation. And people are shouting, people are bickering at each other. I'm not left out in the chaos, even as much as I try to keep a it cool, even as lowly as I am in the rank of the TESLians ladder, supposed there's one. You guys just have to make me angry, and for what?!

Darn. I miss home and you guys just make Shah Alam feel more and more like hell

I really hope drama will be a thing of the past soon. Then, we can reevaluate our friendship, say sorry to each other, and laugh at how we all have been such a big jerk and a douche bag, hahahahahahaha...

Haihhh, sighhh...

Esok kelas dengan Miss Afni dari 9 pagi sampai 6 petang. Sumpah terbaik~ bluagh3x

Ps: Sesape yg tag aku, jappp ehh, nnti2 aku buat :)


  1. shah alam like hell?


  2. sometime we don't need friend around, then everything go smooth. haha..-ve thinker tul.

    yea, it's a dark time tonight. besnye en!

  3. to boi
    haha yeah, in terms of emotion swirling aroung :(
    please do, yeah XD

    to Pok Deng
    i think i'll join u then

    to ryurisora
    yeah, im used to think so, n have done it so too
    yeah, best2 :)

    to winnie
    sapa suruh gatal2 dtg lambat? hohohoho :P

  4. correction! its not shah alam tht's hell, its the ppl u deal with in shah alam. ok?

    And yea, i totally support the idea! And the thot of staying in the dark gave me ideas. muehehe! but then abah said biaq 1 lampu bukak. cis! nk main candles pn xley. x(

    -kinda defeating the purpose of supporting anti-global warming, but candles r FUN! :D

    btw, enjoyed grammar? haha! :p

  5. haha, i wouldn't say tht people are lke hell, supposedly, it would rather be the place itself
    hehe no offence! shah alam still best cos of its shopping complex

    hahaha yeah, i've thought of some candles, but alas, no candles :(
    i resorted to sleep instead "P