Salam, what more can I say? I'm tired with words, I'm tired with people with words. I don't care anymore, I don't care anymore. Hate me for all you want, but I will keep my silence, no more talking to you all. I'm just tired, that's all

I'm so vexed by the amount of assignments and stuff, that I avoided doing it at all. Last minute work used to be so much fun and addictive, but lately, even that won't do. I really feel like running, I mean literally running, back to Jitra, back to home. Its holiday time, and my eldest sister are back home already with her family. Man, imagine all the kids lovely kids running around the house having fun and I'm not there

Arghh, miss them kids :(

Huh. Now can somebody tell me why jealousy can be so dangerous to oneself? Oh well, I gotta kill the love before I destroys my friendship with many good people

Drama drama. I hate real life drama

Literature test macam butoh, senang cita


  1. lit test was HELL. T.T

    n assignments r making pre-TESLians nuts! Everyone's complaining bout workload nowadays, just gotta live with it i guess. xD

    Have fun doing last min assignments!

  2. eh
    are you having my situation as well?

  3. to lin o
    hahaha thnks anyway

    to arlina
    hahahaha, i dunno

  4. wah, izzint really tough that literature test?
    how am i going to proceed to TESL...


  5. hahaha, dun mind us
    x susah pon actually :P