Yo, You Ungrateful Man

Salam. Yo, what kind of retarded talk about himself time and again like he is trying to garner sympathy like a freakin' beggar?

Lily's Birthday

If anyone had anytime to sulk about himself, that guy better save his breath and talk about all his lovely friends. Some people aren't born to be alone in this world, they are just lonely either by choice or by cruel fate. But then again, I won't say fate is cruel. Perhaps all those pain and sorrow bred during your childhood was meant to lead us to a better future, nurturing us to be a tougher person who will no longer cry alone on the pillow. As I quoted it myself, you may hate yesterday, but tomorrow you will realize that it is what make you are today

Allah made us all like this and given us this hardship for a reason. We just have to live our life as we're supposed to right? As a Muslim, and also as an another human being living in a world of millions other

And yeah, you girl. I didn't lie when I say that someone from your school send her regards to you, okay? I'm not some desperate guy trying so hard to get your attention. Yeah, I admit that I like you so damn much, so much that I kept on doing stupid things this few months. But know this, I didn't lie, and that one is just so stupid to even me consider doing that one

And I feel like I'm hating you now, why don't you do the same?

Oh, oh, assignment assignment. Banyak lagi x siap


  1. helloo.. gossip guy.. hahahhaha.. nice blog u hv here.. m touched that u've put our class's pix! too bad i ws sick at that tym. huhuhuhu.. : kakak etongee.. haha

  2. to anonymous~
    hahaha tolong lee jgn panggil aku gossip guy, sumpah aku bencik glaa~
    hohohoho yes akak etongee~ :)