April's Again

Salam. Its already second of April and I really got nothing else to say about it

Got a drama practice this morning. The other group did pretty well, they are such a good actor and an excellent dancer. Eheh. Point down for my self-esteem going next to practice and perform. I just hope that I did well during practice, for the sake of my team :/

Oh whatever jela. I really hope 9th and 10th of April will go along just fine for everyone

See, April? It is always the month where everyone is do darn busy with works and stuff. Deadlines are always accompanied with the word April somewhere, and they always start it off with April's Fool. Freaking tricks. Mind ya, I don't do April's Fool, okay. I hate it

I can't really say that I like April. Because loneliness rhyme real well with April to me, and this year around, it will be the month of goodbyes. And I really hate goodbyes, so yeah

Mari-mari kita lihat drama 9 dengan 10 April ini kat dewan besar INTEC nun jauh disana Seksyen 17 :)


  1. You can really hate April.
    The word April itself shows the enthusiasm
    (ntah pe la ejaan dia)

    Yeah, hectic month.
    You April kan?

  2. Well 14th April is my anniversary with Salina. And I hate it.

  3. to adiba
    haha yeah
    yes I'm April

    to pok deng
    owh ok :)

  4. eh, 14 april is my birthday. dun hate it.

  5. deeb, happy beday...hahah( terawal pulak )

    dean, boleh datang ke drama tu?? macam nk je..boleh?

  6. to adiba
    haha diba, dun mind him :)
    i won't

    to ball
    sure, its an open event. kalau leh dtg ke INTEC seksyen 17 shah alam 9 ngan 10 april neh, silalah :)

  7. ok aku dtg...seksyen 17 kat main kan..skali ngn student music kan...

    boleh2 aku dtg...
    wah xsbr!

  8. hoho dtglah then :)
    jgn lupa tego aku

  9. try bersyukur lak pasni k. ;)

    TESL is fun and April is a mere challenge.

    TESLians r strong enuff xD

  10. hahaha direct kena batang idung aku ehh
    yes they are :)

  11. dean...aku dtg..
    tp m acam mane aku nk kenal kau...
    xkenal laaa! bg klu sikit~

  12. hohoho
    cenggitu x payah arr
    haha, try tnya diba on how to detect org invisible cam aku neh :P

  13. kau ni..mcm xnk je aku dtgg..hahaahhhahhaha!!!

  14. yay!!! nnt aku try detect kau ehh..sabar!