I'm Morita

Salam. Today I missed class again, for the second time ever this sem, plus the drama practice earlier. And the reason is? Like last time, I slept throughout the morning

Which kinda reminded me of Morita who had to repeat his study for so many years for the same reason :)

Oh, whatever. I can't really blame anyone for it except for myself. Even as lately as people are starting to get away again from me like the start of first sem. Even as people stopped reminding me of class whenever there is one like they are used to before. Even as I'm alone again, even in my own room, they no longer cared to help wake me up for Subuh or class

Huh, so whatever

The guilt is killing me right now. Thanks to my father, the mentality of never miss a class or you're doomed for life is deeply etched into my heart. I would never miss a class unless I got a good reason to tell myself, or I just can't bear with it. Hmph, should my father know of this, he would slap-bitch me silly to a degree of a bloody pulp, that it won't make a difference whether my face is ugly or beautiful initially

See, April

Minta maaf group drama aku, dengan Miss Afni sekali pasal tak datang kelas hari ini. Marah lah aku nanti


  1. haha.
    one week left yet
    ure still lazy.

  2. manusia dah cipta JAM LOCENG. p beli!

  3. to boi
    yes yes haha

    to lin
    tp manusia masih x cipta ubat utk MALAS! hahaha XP

  4. huh?
    looks like everybody is missing their classes.
    why eh?
    irfan pun.
    do you have to letter for that?
    lame, i know.

  5. its what we call the 'of becoming'
    adults are getting lazier by each day
    no i don't have one
    and im not expecting any forgiveness too

  6. Wei!
    aku kejut hg la!
    bukak mate...usya aku...zzz


  7. I like Morita :)

    he's such a character whenever he appears in the story, this said since he's always um, away, haha

    oh yeah and do you know what works? a deafening alarm clock right beside your ear and miss your morning classes no more! eheh ^^

  8. hahaha yeah me too :)
    wish i can be as cool and dorky like him :P

    ohh yeah, hehe

  9. this friday insayaallah I'll be at uitm supporting u...