The End of Many Ends; Asasi TESL

Salam. So I guess this is it then... The end of our days as an Asasian together, the last of the days for us all...

Yet it just felt like yesterday that I first stepped into Kolej Meranti and INTEC. And it just feels like back then when I was still getting to know them all, boys and girls alike. And now, no more. No more of getting to class everyday, getting excited over meeting people here and there. No more listening to the lecturers, while having fun and creating havoc along the way. No more making such a din in the library that people know that the Asasians are the noisy bunch of group, yes we are popular for that

No more longing for her to pass by and smile, just to make my day...

Drama last night was something unexpected. A lot of good things happened, and yeah, my parents and my sister alongside her children was there too. Ahahaha, I was as nervous as hell, as if the pressure of doing well is not enough. My team did real well, it got some good feedback. I'm so glad for my team, they have struggled and sacrificed a lot for this to go well. But it's all no thanks to me. My voice projection sucks, and I did a few mistakes here and there. Heck, I even forgot one of my line. Oh well, I just hope that it will not affect the performance in any way

I'm just glad for them all. Whatever may be said afterwards the drama, people not being appropriately credited or whatever, I'm just glad to see that through the thick and thin, everyone stood together alongside with their team that night. We all know how much stressed we are before practicing the drama like crazy, and so caused our friendship to be tested. We fought, we screamed and we bickered at each other, and yet in the end we can see how well we can still work alongside together

Remember guys, this is our last days here. Cherish it well, forgive them all because we might not see each other ever again...

After SPM was over, my dad told me the truth of one harsh reality. There are people that after the end of our study, we will never see them again. And yeah, I never meet again some people from MRSM Beseri anymore. Even if we do still have contact through social networks like Friendster and stuff, it just won't do to justify our friendship. And now, I'm feeling like its starting all over again

Oh, I'm so gonna miss you guys. Asasi TESL 08/09, you guys are forever in my heart. Thanks for all the good memories that you guys had left me with, and I do hope you guys will remember me too. I'm so sorry for being such a jerk and a snob at the faculty, where I hardly smile at people that I'm so close with, and vice-versa, and so resulting some people to ditch me. I'm also sorry for being so deeply entwined in my own problems that my face would only reflects anger and sorrow, so much that people are somehow afraid of me. I know, I should've smiled more, and yeah, I'm sorry...

Goodbye guys. Good luck for your final and don't forget to say Bismillah before you answer it :)

Until we meet again...

Tetiba aku rasa taknak balik Kedah maupun pergi rumah kak aku study leave ni. Aku nak stay dengan diorang yang masih ada di sini... Sesapa kat Shah Alam, jom study dengan aku takpun kita pergi SACC ke PAS ke shopping2 hee~


  1. oh, another farewell.
    we all understand, indeed.

  2. and yeah, for you guys, its one of the first of many others
    good luck

  3. gawd, u made me cry. :')

    rather a shame i never got to know u very well tho, u would've made a swell friend. ;)

  4. yeah, bloody shame
    to get to know a genius like you would have been such a pleasure :/

    but oh, good luck :)

  5. salam,

    never a goodbye my dear!

    we'll meet again....

    nice knowing you...

  6. to haris
    yes T_T
    until we meet again

    to boi
    dont feel bad dear, ok? :)

  7. WARGH!
    hope we got the same place
    for degree. x'l

  8. dude, some frenship no nthin bout 'end'
    im with you~ Avril Lavigne

  9. dean, oh gawd, i'm going to take over your place there..hehe...

    hope to be, dun be sad la, this is part of the life!

    kalau ade jodoh jumpa..hehe :D

  10. haha yeah hope so

    good luck on being an asasian tesl urself! :)

  11. okie.. nice post man.. wlupn hg kat dpan aku.. aku still nk komen.. yeah.. it's just hard to believe that this is going to end..

  12. to ball
    pleasure :)

    to sai
    wahahaha cheh, xdak keja
    huhu yeah, i can't believe it either...

  13. awww... we'll definitely be friends forever. =)

  14. stumbled upon ur blog during a blogwalk, awh this post nearly made me cry. it's so sad. i hate goodbyes.. :(

  15. to madu beracun
    hyeh, thanks for reading and commenting my blog :)

    yeah, goodbyes suck