Assalamualaikum. I wonder if is it okay for me to give salam in here, as Muslims have to answer them back. Yet it is only in just a written form, and like, uhhh... Why don't I just keep it for when we meet in face to face, and after that we can get to know each other more and stuff, okeyh?

Salam then, cause salam means peace, and it goes for Muslims and Non-Muslims alike

Oh yeah, I realised lots of people are gone from the vicinity. Not that it matters much like last sem, because my room now is far away from most of them, and I barely see them anyway in places other than the faculty. So like, I'm left with my roommates to spend the weekend and having fun though I got like 3 tests the following week, eheh, thinking things about that is the thing that's gonna kill you man

Thing is, I miss Kedah. But I won't go all emotional and stuff to sympathise with myself for not being able to go home, not now. It's the slang for Kedah that I'm trying to focus here. Being a Kedahan, every syllable of Malay word goes out of my mouth, it will sound so Kedah like. But now, it seems like I'm losing it

?! Tanak saye2, tanak kami2, tanak eeee~2 kat belakang2 tuh~~!

I understand, that some people won't even understand a word that I utter when I'm in full Kedahan-mode. So I kind of mellowed my tounge, and I ditched some Kedahan word and put in some eeee~ at the words there. Plus, since two of my lovely sisters and their wonderful 9 kids all lives in the KL area, I followed suit when talking to them and in the end got too used of using the slang

Problem is, I've been away from Jitra for so long that I got no one to speak Kedahan too. Even a roommate of mine who is also from Kedah, who used to prides himself of being a true Kedahan is being really KLlites-like when he talks. Adding kot at the back, plus some eeee~ and no more hang2 anymore, just saye2, awk2, stuff. Gee, I feel like vomitting my inside out XD

But hey, since his sweetheart is currently studying in KL, so I won't mind, ahah

Ohh Kedah. I miss the people there. I miss ordering teh tarik without minding how the tarik will sounds like, I miss making one-liners that friends can understand, I miss the way people will ignore you there if you dresses up as if you had just woken up from a sleep

Man, Kedah!

Sebelum cuti minggu depan, 3 test minggu nih! Usaha tangga kejayaan, itulah moto sekolah rendah aku dulu :)


  1. omg. u kidding rite.
    eventho u said tanak kami and oll that crap
    u still sound like KEDAHAN!!!!!!!


  2. Salam
    I'm Kedahan, residing in Norway for the last 20years. Still have not lost my thick slang (OK OK...I never use hang/aku but the rest...you know) and don't intend to either :)
    Drop by at my blog - Plenty of Kedahans and Kedahan-wannabes there. Take care!