Listen, you and all of you

Thanks to the kind old lady residing over at the outside of INTEC condo(?). After one rough ride from Jitra to Shah Alam, a little kindness is all that I needed to make it up for all the sorrow that I will soon implies on myself should thing will get only worse

But oh wth. Chinese New Year is not that fun anyways, though the kids did drop by and gave me the oppurtunity to be the crazy uncle again, which was fun, as always. But now, somebody just have to ruin the moment for me. Sheesh, if you can no longer understand me, don't try. I'm a changed person now, and if you and them still see me as the same old Ariff, well try asking me now what do I think of now. Perhaps back then you can guess and it will be accurate, but no more now

Yeah, I'm talking about you, the one that thinks she knows so much about me

And you think that you can still delve into my mind by having access to my blog. Huh, whatever jelaa. Because of it, it was such a hectic week with me having fun and then sorrow kicks in and fun again, back to sorrow, round and round that I feel dizzy thinking about it. Now I just want to forget all about it, because I know, I lost something back then, and it hurts

I lost the support that I had been clinging on since I was a child. It will be better off if I just forget about it, and continue being the person I'm trying to change into now. It will hurt now, but it will be better soon, it just have to

So for the first time, I was glad to head out of home, and travel south to Shah Alam, though I always wanted to go further to Johor XD. Cut to the chase, the bus departed 11pm of Sunday night, meaning that the moment I get off the bus, I will be rushing next to class. I really thought that I can take some taxi or even RapidKL, pfft, to Meranti and run back to INTEC. But like shit it was that morning, my luck wasn't so good

Pissed off, I marched to INTEC, and stopped at the condo in front of the INTEC. I must look really lost, as some old lady went ahead to say good morning. Despite the real bad mood I am in, I smiled back, and chatted a bit with her. Afterwards, I said that I need to change my clothes and she said that I can use her house's bathroom. I was flabbergasted at first with her kind offer, but I gladly accepted it

Saying thanks, I went straight into INTEC with both of my real-damn-big luggage that I was carrying with me, and just in lucks, the INTEC students just arrived in their little carriage of INTEC busses. Stares and more stares. Ignoring their stupid stares, I just walked on without a word or even a glance to them. Thinking back, I would never had done this, as I was always afraid of what other people might think of me, the same reason that I was so shy in public

I had become more bitter, but at least I'm do not sympathize myself anymore. Bitter, lonelier, but that's better than emo-maniacal, huh

Hey, now I know. I like group B so much now. I think that the class is even more fun than group A of last year, no hard-feeling now guys!

Makin letih aku, makin gila aku jadinya ehh? Sumpah terbaik~~~


  1. mmg annoying bila org berlagak cam depa knai kita.
    sumpah mcm nak sepak ja.

    neway,enjoylah life ang kt intec tuh.

  2. lalala~~~
    xdak bus lg awal ka??

  3. OMG. papa, we're alike.
    i love my group for the same reason
    you have right now. ;)

    HAHA. no offence guys! x]

  4. sumpah terbaik
    ...sumpah harum

  5. to emellia
    betul2, hakhak
    thnkz melia :)

    to PAJID
    ada, sja nk menyusahkan diri dtg lambat2 :P

    to Boi
    hahaha yeah, we the outcast are no longer outcast!! we are free people now! :P xbleh blah

    to amri
    harum tuh yg terbaik bang XDXDXD

  6. No shoutout?#% okay, let's follow the rhym..

    P/S: lalu lalang sana sini, tersangkut kat blog u sekejap...