You're a Jerk, Really

I really wish for someone to say that right in front of me right now. Preferably a girl, cause it won't hurt much for my ego and I will actually listen

The way I write, the way I act in faculty, I know that I've been such a big-headed fool. I become emotional unnecessarily, I spit out curses without warning, and I suddenly became so oblivious of what others think of me. Heck, I can still remember myself being so freaking bitter the time I got here in Shah Alam just about two weeks ago, and now after one accident, my emotions took over me again

I give advices to people, like don't let what others think about you decides what you do, but I don't really follow them myself. I meet new people, make new friends in the Net social places, yet in real life I avoid them, for the stupid reason of low self-esteem and stuff. I hate my family for what they did to me last holiday, I ignored them and stop calling them, yet they still remembered me, called to know how I'm doing and helped me solve some of my problems

Really, I can be a real snob. Though I'm not such a person inside, but the way I handles my own problems and feelings make me reacted in a really stupid way. So yeah, somebody mind giving me a piece of their mind and say how much of a jerk I am?

Oh and please, if you do plan on telling me that, give me a warning first okay? :P

Demonstrative speech, sumpahnya aku meluat...



    You're a jerk.

    Well, I wouldn't know for sure but even if you are, that doesn't mean it should stop you from being a great person. Like Simon Cowell. He's a jerk and he's cool. Hahaha.

  2. to wawa
    yes I am, for all those wasted two years

    to Nad
    hahaha, am I great? i'm no some cool guy on the tv, so a jerk i am yeah \m/

    to Pok Deng
    hahaha thank you
    but i would prefer it face to face :P

  3. hello jerk, nice to know u..aha...

  4. why should ppl call u a jerk?haiya..hahah

  5. to ryurisora

    to nasiha
    hahahaha, i dont know~~ XD

  6. im sure there must be something AWESOME behind what-u-called A JERK.

    rmmba, we are all Khalifah chosen by Allah! (=

  7. hello jerk, er, ariff dean,
    thanks for the link in your lisk of reads.
    welcome, do make yourself at home, jemput minum kopi :)

    bila singgah jangan lupa leave me a note so i know you presence.

    selamat berkenalan!

  8. to princess nur
    yess. tht's right
    thnkz 4 reminding me :)

    to azyze
    hello there :)
    oh yess, i will, thank you!

    selamat berkenalan!

  9. (banyak pulak spelling error in my note to you. lisk= list, you presence = your presence. peh, sorry. takut lah cikgu TESL marah heheh)

  10. ahahahaha
    don't worry lah
    im not a qualified one yet
    buat malu je nk marah2 kat org :P

  11. nah i wont call u a jerk.that'll make me a jerk too;)