Another Rantings

Oh, (curses of all sort)~

I'm hating the silence between you and me. How I am itching to go to you and just say it to ease the burden inside of me. And oh, the jealousy of seeing you talk to other guys didn't help at all. Now that I'm used to your presence wherever I go, a day without you just seems so worthless

Okay, I'm hopeless for posting this one out, yeah I know

Well, somebody gave me his RapidKL ticket while I was about to pay for it. Perhaps it was just another small kindness shown, but I know you might say what's the fuss is all about. I just wanted to say that I'm glad, I'm glad that someone has been nice to me this day, for that at least I can smile for something more genuine then

Oh (curses), I miss you~

Writing test esok, study2...


  1. aku la yang kasi tiket tu. haha!!! (aku tipu). aku pun selalu dapat weyh, agaknye muka aku muka kesian kot ek..

  2. agaknya kta dua mmg muka kesian lah :)