Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical

Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical was great last night, I might even say that it was splendid and amazing. With few heart-touching moment accompanied by some of the sweetest memorable quotes, its all thumbs up for the play that night. Even as I was sulling over a certain matter and was only keeping to myself and not talking to anyone else, the play did well enough to captivate me to focus on it instead, and in a way I'm glad for it

I know my face must've been real solemn then, and since I took the initiative to stay alone without no company whatsoever, people must really hate me by now, especially the Asasi TESL's. They must think that I'm a real snob or something, or I just did so to get sympathy. Mind ya, it was because of either, but then again, I'm not interested in telling anyway

PGL was about the theme of love, revolving around Gusti Putri and Laksamana Hang Tuah. But ironically, the play tonight didn't excite anymore love feelings in me anymore. I just can't trust myself with it, I'm just not good enough to handle such feeling. I should've known better than to try to grasp it by buying some gifts for her whereas I can use the money for something else better

If only it came earlier a day or two, PGL

Mari ponteng klas, dhla aku x tdo pg ni...