Done and Over With

First of all, why is she afraid of me? I only wish for the best of her interest, perhaps my own stupid judgement is the one to blame...

Ooh, there's some story behind the elephant and the bird :P

Alhamdulillah, I've done both story telling and demonstrative speech and its all a thing of the past. Phew, relieve creeping up my nerve and spine, the feel of tingling with excitement as I went on to have fun in the corner lot of Meranti Section 2 corner. Okay, my words are already drowned in euphoric momentum XD

I must have looked terribly messed up when I was worrying about thinking on how to complete my demonstrative speech. Unexpectedly, I got a lot of support from my roommates and my groupmates. Those guys in my room, they went on to trouble themselves to accompany me to buy my materials just a day before Monday, though they are busy with their own assignments and tests. And my groupmates, the applause and the cheer they had given me in class, it somehow helped me conquer my own fear and be brave in front of the class

Hahah, perhaps I will treasure friends more than I'm used to ehh? I really felt like hugging all of my roommates when I got back into my room, and it is the same feeling with my groupmates. Yet, I felt awkward when I was about to do it, I don't know why, perhaps because the friendship I felt for them is still not strong enough plus I still can't open up to people just yet

If only I could only ditch away the awkwardness, it would've feel good right, to know that you can depend on someone...

Oh well

Sekarang bleh fokus kat test2 yang berlambak hahahaha :P


  1. i love elephant, and i hate birds, like really hate. what a great coincidence eh?

  2. to arlina
    *jaws droppin'* hehe

    to boi
    yeah, too bad only now i can see it tho