I want to say something, but the words are escaping me. I won't mind if I don't have the idea to post something here though the urge is there, but what's more important is what I want to say to people in my real life. It's so freaking annoying to not be able to say your heart's wishes to someone else, especially when the opportunity arises

The rain yesterday was so beautiful, the aftermath of it especially. The sunlight that pierced through the thin cloudy fog that lingered in the air, it was just so beautiful. Just like you, I would dare say, and I still remember our conversation during the rain, where the building is freezing cold, and I can only think of your dazzling eyes

Rambling stuff like this will only get me nowhere. But I felt it happening inside me, nevertheless

Puteri Gunung Ledang esok. Baju dah xdak, nak pakai apa?