Emo, Rock, Indie, and Symphonic Metal

When I look about and do some reflection on my life, I see myself as fickle as the weather, I changes my mind as easily as a girl changes her clothes. Many factor causes such behaviour, but I like to blame it mostly on hormones. Freaking hormones

Another one is music. Oh don't get me wrong. I love music, I always dream of being able to play both the guitar and the piano. I like listening to songs when my emotions went awry, I like to try understand lyrics that I can relate to my own life. Thing is, I like them so much sometime that I feel that they are controlling my life. Yeah, I'm addicted to music

No wonder my feelings are like iPod shuffle, though I don't have one

Bitter, emo, sweet, anger, dreamy, depression, hyper-active, tense, optimism, pessimism, painfully shy, talkative, SCREAMER. What kind of lyrics of my life do you like best?

Say, today is Valentine's Day. All TESLians are occupied from 8am to 4.30pm. Wonder how all the lovebirds are going to celebrate it ehh? Well, for me, its just not my thing, plus I got nobody to cherish my love for. So yeah, it will be like just another day, another 14th February that had passed me by 18 times already, same old same old...

Heck, I don't even celebrate my own birthday, why should I even bother?

8 sampai pukul 4.30? Sumpah aku tido jaa~