Because I~~ Love You

Finally, she confessed to Naruto about her true feelings to him, and after that, she died protecting him. This is one of the best scenes from the series, I gotta admit that, because my emotions were stirred upon reading this, and the urge to write something on this just came out

Only until this point that I realized how much I had in common with Hinata here. How she is always feeling all alone and always feeling down all the time, thinking that she's just a worthless person that nobody appreciates. She was always been downsized by her own father, and her siblings are stronger and thus less attention are paid to her. The similarities just seems so unreal, yet it is there

And I also can't find the courage to say I love you

But finally, she found her strength in the end to finally overcome her fear, and to protect the one she that loved. Though she died in the end, it was a meaningful death, and she will always be remembered for her sacrifices she made for love

Yeah, its lame to post something on Naruto especially on the lovey-dovey part, I know. But take what I'm trying to say here, and try to understand

"I used to always cry and give up..."
"I nearly went the wrong way"
"But you, you showed me the way"
"I was always chasing after you"
"Wanting to overtake you"
"I just wanted to talk to you"
"I wanted to be with you..."

Selamat cuti hujung minggu semua. Jangan mati lagi, aku rindu korang semua


  1. oh my god.i am so hinata. like in every way.

    im the one who should write about this!!!!!.

  2. to amri
    ko jgn

    to arlina
    gee, do u even read naruto? ahakz :P

  3. pergh....
    demi cinta sanggup mati~~~

  4. pergh, mmg XD
    ko nk x jd camtuh? :P

  5. omigosh lama gila tak baca naruto since after sasuke jadi jahat hahaha. what ever happened ehhh? =D

    anyway, this may sound weird but i always find that to love unrequitedly amazes me, it becomes a love that is worthy, you know... though to break out from that state and face it square in the face is something even greater. ^^

  6. entahlaa~
    bcala sendiri ehh, :P

    yes, thts so true
    as hard as it is