Black Cat

Now why people have this bias towards black cat? Saying that the presence of black cat will only bring you bad luck and stuff, and they even had to associate the cats with death. And so, people will naturally have fear for the cat, shooing them away and some are cruel enough to even beat them down. Oh yeah, perhaps you all take pride in knowing the so called general knowledge and you feels good doing that don't you?

Well fuck (just for the purpose of exaggeration, not trying to be rude) all those orthodox stuff. I myself take pride in being different and weird and unconventional, see?

This weekend I spent the free time by joining the guys in my room in an all around Shah Alam tour plus some cam-whoring session going on, so imagine all the excitement plus the heat from the sun combined to truly wear you down to oblivion. And as we were walking back to the comfort of our room, I
was truly wrecked, physically and emotionally. I don't want to talk about what really happened, which poor soul that I shouted at when I scoffed him off for betraying my trust three times in a row and kept calling me emo

And so I deliberately kept my distance from the group. Not wanting to cause any more stupid scene, I kept my distance. Then, I saw a black cat crossing in front of me, and it stopped in front of the orphanage. Should I be another norm of the society, I will perhaps run away screaming for my mother. But no, I went to pet the black cat...

And she unexpectedly rubbed her head against me. I was surprised, "Bukankah kucing-kucing kat Shah Alam nih semua kerek-kerek belaka hah?"

It suddenly struck me as if an idea suddenly popped into my head. She was so playful, she was longing to play with someone, it was her nature to be like that. But I know that, with people being bias towards black cat, she was probably all alone this time where are so afraid of her, while she only wanted to have some company. I've heard from a friend of mine that in their dorm, there's a black cat that always linger around people, but people kept pushing it away just because it is black. I mean, like, wtf?! And here in front of me, a really beautiful, playful and adorable, silk like furs that can match of the Persians, lonely cat, black as it is

As I leave her behind after staying there for about half an hour plus its really late into the night, I can see that she was still following me. I ignored her while striding ahead, with such difficulties, for that I know it will be better for her to stay around. And she stayed, while looking at me, just like most cat would stare at someone. Huh, those deadly stares that delves deep into one's soul, I was hoping that I could see it again, even as faint as thin air that hope can be

The very next day, I found the cat lying dead on the divider of the road between the Wetworld and the Medan, near the orphanage where I found the cat yesterday

My head surged with fury, and I was cursing silently under my breath. I glanced at passing by cars as if they were responsible for the death, and I almost ran into one. I was holding back something strong inside me, but it was not tears. And I just walked by, with my friends from yesterday and I was hiding my sadness within. My words are jumbled, and my sights are uneven. It was such a blasted sighting, and my current bitter mood didn't help at all with the current situation

What's a cat to you? Do you consider them as just some animals to play with? Something to hold on when you're sad or lonely? Or you really care for them, and living with them, you trust that they have a soul so you feel connected to them somehow?

I din't feel too connected to the black cat, our meeting was destined to be too short. Plus the memories of seven generations of my very first cat still linger fresh inside my head. It just that, I see myself inside the cat's eyes. I see someone who is lonely, but are reaching out for someone to hold on

I remember the day a favorite cat died.
At dawn I carried him into the garden and laid him on a bed of mint,
Still breathing.
The eyes I had known for almost thirteen years followed me about.
When the post arrived, he gave a short purr.

It had been his habit since a kitten.
It was his last link with my world of manuscripts and books.
Our parting would be soon.
Later when I wrapped him in an old cardigan
I thought of Anatole France and St. Mael's
baptism of the penguins
And how St. Catherine had said:
"Give them souls -- but tiny ones."

I will settle for that
For my cat.

By Neville Baybrooke

As the death tabs keep going on and on, I find myself depressed more and more...

Kucing2 Shah Alam banyak comel, tp kerek~~~


  1. meow~~
    org ckp klau BC lngkah corpse,bole idup balik woo..
    but kcing2 kt intec bole tahan otai..i agree

    ps: jom buat cllction vdeo kcing ber*k nk!?^_^

  2. hahah pape jela amri
    jgn duk buat gila cam kat bilik sudah

  3. oh no!kesiannye kucing tu!;(
    i dont care if its a black cat or white's just the same.there's nothing diff between them.they both deserve to be treated with care.i love cat so much.

  4. kucing kuh memang color hitam, dan dia nmpak cool..

  5. im scared of cat regardless that i used to have 3 cats when i was 7 years old, and all three cats died anyway. i think i bring bad luck, not those cats. ha ha.

  6. to PAJID
    nk satu~~~

    to arlina
    yela u nih, teruk btol! XD

  7. My cat's name is Meow (brilliant name, ehhh?) and I love her. Even my dad goes KYAAA when she does something as simple as yawning. Hahaha.

    Black cats, on the contrary, are cool. They're like the elite cats, you see. No one dares to go near yet everyone is still so influenced by its presence.

    CATS RULE. Hehe.

  8. goodness
    my fist cat's name is also Meow!

    yeah, they rule XD

  9. ak ad sekoq ja BC. nama nye choqkeria. nama kueh~~ hehe..

    mmg xkan bg sama kaw~(gaya kudukut)

  10. sebagai seorang pengerusi yg baek hati
    kna lah hadiahkan kucing tuh kat aku~
    xde kudukut2 neh

  11. ak bg kebenaran kpd kaw sbagai bendahari kuar kan duet 2000usd tuk bli kucing ak~~

  12. your first cat is Meow too!? omigosh, I am loving you, you know that? all my friends give out a weird expression each time I say my cat's name. I mean, it makes COMPLETE sense to name a cat Meow! hahaha.

  13. eleh, kucing tu kerek ke?
    u yg kerek?
    sedih l, ur cat's story.
    know wht? my cat died the very first day i got it. huuuu.

  14. to Nad
    haha yeah, but it was years ago when I was still a little kid, but now, should I have another cat, she would have a classier sounding name :P

    to adibalala
    oh well, I accidentally killed the very first kitten I helped deliver :(