What Now?

I wonder, for the second time, what is the real purpose of creating this blog? Is it for the purpose of fulfilling my own need of attention? Both in the same time, I was afraid of people looking at me, judging me in every aspect, yet I long for someone to talk to me, to listen to me for a change instead of me listening to other people

When I raised this question before, a good friend advised me to write from my heart. Thanks for that one useful piece, I got my peace and was able to write again. And now, the same questions rose again, but I am seeing it in a different perspective now

Hmmph. Whatever jelaa

Sumpah tension...


  1. ape y tension nyer~
    x yah pk pn nape. ave fun je lor~~

  2. hahaha
    positif kan?
    but not today lah, not now at least...

  3. d emo side of dean da bgn~

  4. blogh dgn jiwang n emonye!mcm aku^^

  5. x payah lari la cik puan pengerusi oii~
    just me here~~

  6. jgn tension2..
    life is too short to be miserable;)

  7. oh dude.
    asal u tulis semua best?
    even u r in "SUMPAH TENSION"

  8. to nasiha
    haha yeah ur right :)

    to adibalala
    hehe stop flattering me will ya?
    chill? blanja ahh~ :P

  9. hehehe..
    welcome to the Emo Ship..
    gather more people and we can sail through this miserable world..
    emo giler..

  10. mung tulis le ape mung nak tulis kat blog ni ngan seikhlas hati mung. jgn pedulik kat org yg nak judge mung tapi salah tu. blog ni pada ambo, kadang2 bagos sebab kita boleh utarakan pendapat kita. tapi kene ade batas2 sebab org bace kan. pepandai mung la..huhu

  11. to sai
    sheesh, pape jela
    aku bukan emo mcm dulu2 lg
    just bitter ja
    makan cokelat nnti elok la blk~~

    to ryurisora
    betul sngt lah tuh
    cuma kengkadang ja kita yg serabut and taktau nk buat apa ja kengkadang :)
    thnkz for the advice!

  12. (1) slit your wrist
    (2) swallow sleeping pills
    (3) meditate in room full of carbon monoxide
    (4) torture your voodoo dolls

  13. 1.Free your heart from hatred - Forgive
    2.Free your mind from worries - Most never happens
    3.Live simply and appreciate what you have
    4.Give more
    5.Expect less from people but more from God

    take that pok deng! ahahahaha
    i'm no longer emo lah pok deng
    just bitter to the core nowadays
    emo just sounds so sad~