What the Future Holds

Somebody told me, whom I can't remember, if you're feeling all down and depressed, look what the have in store for you. I don't know why he told me that, because the future always look grim to me

Let's see, oh final exam. I can't remember the exact date of the exam, but I know its just around the corner. And MUET, they are supposed to be done sometime around the final exam period. WHAT?! I mean, we have to concentrate on both the final exam and the MUET? Gosh, I think I'm gonna fall down soon, as I'm starting to visualize more and more sleepless nights soon...

Look further, further, FURTHER... (Whose line is it anyway, cause I think its from a movie I can't remember)

Ah yes, my trip to Indonesia with my mother. Now that's what I call a treat. NICE... Hahah, it seems that right after exam my mother and me will accompany my Paksu with his family to a holiday in Indonesia, which part still unknown. That will be both of his daughters, anak2 dara tuh, and his younger son and the baby, both are very cute little things, especially the baby. So yeah, I can imagine having some fun there. I just hope that my mother will be well enough to embark on such a journey, she haven't feeling so well lately...

Of course now, I do have some thing to do in the future, responsibilities and things to do. I can't be swayed by emotion so easily as I did, I can't be that weak for the sake of my family who has always believed in me. So yeah, happy happy XD

Aku dah lama x nangis. Baru2 nih aku baca blog neh dan tetiba ja aku rasa sedih sangat. Dia punya last ever post buatkan aku teringat kepada sepupu aku, Faidi. Entah apa yang dia rasa time aku melawat dia kat katil dia sejam seblom dia kembali ke Rahmatullah...

Al-Fatihah please, for Allahyarham Muzammil Faidi, and Allahyarhamah Asha Dina...


  1. I've read the blog probably a year ago. I didn't cry, but it left me speechless for a moment. I paused to think the things I could not sure what I thought then.

    Well, all I can say, that last entry really 'berhantu.'


  2. dean..
    akak pun dah baca entry tuh..
    sangat sedih..
    al fatihah buat arwah..
    nEway gud luck for ur exam and muet..

  3. i read tht entry.it touched!
    teringat last moment wif my grndpa.
    Al-fatihah for three of them.

    nk tnye.
    cmne nk buat family potrait kt bwh tuh.
    i tried 2 copy the code.but it dint work.

  4. thnkz bebanyak akak 4 da wish :)
    really appreciate it

  5. owh tht?
    first go the web n create that pic first, and get the code, done tht?
    copy the code first
    then, go to customize your blog, the edit layout page
    click the add a gadget, either on the top right or the bottom one, where u want to put it
    after a new opened, click at html/java add button
    paste the code there and... walla!

    hope u get it right, it was quite a long explanatio there :)