Lost at Words

Okay, now I truly give up. When I no longer have time to blog, nor do I have the ability to write when I do get a chance to write a new post, it's time to fly somewhere first right? For the time being, it's going to be towards the exam hall, haha whatever jela

Soon, I'll be flying to Indonesia :-)

Cepatlaa habis exam ngan MUET. Mekaseh pada Mohd Haziq Hanafi kerana sudi bawak aku balik Kedah dengan dia nnti nih, jimat duit tiket aku


  1. Don't go to Medan. Medan people loves to karaoke.

  2. Haha, yaka?
    I'm only going to Jakarta only, I think

  3. Again, enjoy your time there! Bring back some memories to write to me since I can't shamelessly ask for souveniers. Hahaha.

  4. to nad
    i can post some, if u shamelessly want to

    to naqib
    solemn apanya? aku nk pegi bercutiiiii...

  5. weh...mau ikut gi indon...huhu

  6. nak ikottttttt!

    awat ank p indon weh? nanak benda yg takdak kt sini, buleh??

  7. aku pi indon cos teman mak aku pi bercuti
    nk pesan pa2 ka?