Does Anyone Know

Autumn brought some kind of change
Sky's not as blue as it used to be
The moon won't come out and the sun stopped its shinin'
It feels like the entire world isn't turnin' no more

Lost for the sound of her voice
The smile and the touch and the tenderness
Every night I can feel her beside me
But then I awake to the pain that I'm dreamin' again

Does anyone know where my baby's gone?
I've just got to find her
I wanna right what I've done wrong
Does anyone know when she'll come back ‘round?
I've just got to tell her
That no one will love her
No one will hold her like me

Can somebody tell me?

Actually la kan, aku just cilok je lirik nih, dan wat dia jd cam pantun, tuka2 sket. Cuba teka dr lagu apa, I dare u. Copyrights? Eheheheh :P

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