The Number Obsession

Owh yuh, I guess the reason that I still keep updating my blog even as I am NOT supposed to is that Internet connection is real easy for me to find. Gahhh...

Tell me, when do you first created your blog, are you concerned about the statistics available in your blog, for examples the number of people who views your profile? Are you desperate each time to find an Internet connection so that you can review on who gives you comment so that you can quickly reply it? If so, please don't be embarrassed to admit it, because it is, as I think so, normal for people who just started blogging to feel that way

It should past soon, that number obsession. Especially when about 350 plus people had viewed your profile, especially when your post number had hit the bar of a hundred. After that, you will realize what your post had been all about, and you will rethink your method of writing and style

Especially, when certain special people starts viewing your blog, the number obsession will past soon

Makin pendek plak post aku lately neh. Agak laa, dulu depa rajin kata yg blog aku panjang2 sngt, depa malas nk baca


  1. I started blogging when I was 16. Dah lama dah.

    I think you should enroll to Psychology course because all of the predictions mentioned above are true, for myself.

  2. I'm a boss.
    Bosses supposed to look busy.
    I'm lazy,
    but I have to appear busy.
    Blogging makes me look busy.

    maybe i should have my own shoutbox
    so that bloggers can throw curses at me.

  3. No gumbleed, putting on shoutbox will pull lazy bloggers who don't want to comment on threads, but rather leaving a message in the shoutbox - "Salam Ziarah" or... "nice blog!"... or... "Salam ukhuwah" or things that matter.

    That's the main reason why I don't put a shoutbox in my blog.

  4. for me it's easy
    since you're the only certain person viewing

  5. Hmmmm....

    I rather put a smart widget which can drain 10 cent from their bank acount everytime someone click on it.

    "stick em up, bloggers"

  6. Haha
    whatever jela gumbleed
    as long as ur happy :)