An Unexpected Call

Ya Allah Ya Rabbi, please be with her during these hard times...

Kakti called this morning while I was having my brunch (breakfast + lunch), and though I was a little bit pleasantly surprised, she told me the bad news. Asyraf, her son aka my nephew, just had another surgery last night. I mean, wth, aren't his second surgery should be done later, but it seems like his another lung collapsed. Astaghfirullahalzim...

Gosh, I wonder how is she taking all this all in. Things are not going well lately, especially with her own personal problems, and now this. When she called me, she offered to fetch me from my college to her house, so I could visit Asyraf. Normally, I would have agreed instantly, even as I have some kind of MUET bengkel stuff tomorrow, heck, I would even skip class should there be one tomorrow. But, I said I would think about it first, as I remembered my dad's advice not to disturb her during this times, so later I messaged her that I couldn't make it...

I wonder, if it is the right thing to do. I know, as my dad said, my presence in her house will make things worse, considering the problem she had with that guy. But somehow, deep inside, I think that somehow if I'm there with her, maybe I could help console her a bit, be her strength like she used to do for me. Quoting from the anime Honey and Clover...

Hagumi fell sick, and she is admitted to the hospital. During this times that many of her friends, mainly her admirers visits her, but as she doesn't have any more relatives in this world, she feels very lonely. Ayumi, being her best friend, is the only one who could really brings back joy to her, but Ayumi, feels that she is not needed to accompany her, as Hagumi has many admirers coming to visit her. A man, I can't remember whom, said that

"She need you the most right now, you might think that she is okay, depending on her face, but she is really lonely now. Go to her, and you will understand"

When she go to Hagumi's room bringing some fruits and smiles, both of them realize how important they both are to each other. I wonder if it is the same with me and my sister?

Kesian Asyraf. Dahla dia yang paling rapat ngan aku antara semua anak menakan aku after Umar. Doakan dia cepat sembuh, semua please


  1. salam my friend,

    moga your nephew get well soon!

    *be with her*=juz my opinion

  2. dear haries n pok deng
    thank you :)

  3. at least pay a visit.
    but if you couldnt make it,
    words of strenght is equally helpful
    hope he'll get well soon,

  4. i think, as a women, u should be by her side..she needs u as she offered to pick u though..hope ur nephew getting better!amin..

  5. dear boi
    thnkz anyway :)

    to anonymous
    thnkz 4 da kind words, but ah, as a women who do u prefer eh?
    y dun u just tell me ur name?

  6. Show that she's not alone, tell her that.
    And may dear Asyraf get well soon.

    And ooooh, I remember that Honey and Clover episode! (Side-tracked.)

  7. thnkz nad
    n by the way, could u help me elaborate me more on tht episode, as I only recall only a bit of tht? :P

  8. Hagumi had an accident so she got admitted into the hospital with an injured right-hand which she used to draw beautifully, right? Ayumi had a conflict whether to visit her or not because she feared she might only sympathize Hagumi and became a burden which was the last thing Hagu needed. Ayumi went anyway.

    If I'm not mistaken, it goes somewhere along that way. Hehe.

  9. aha yesh
    it kinda goes like that
    I'm just wondering what that man, whoever he is, really said, cause that's the main idea here

  10. hope hes gettin better.insyallah.
    i love that quote.
    it happens to me sumtimes

  11. insyaAllah
    glad tht u like it
    hope tht everyone can learn from it