I Can't Afford This

Ya Allah, now I'm turning back into an emo person. I've started thinking real bad stuff again about people. Just when I thought I could control myself now, feelings are again the steer of my life's direction. Believe me, nothing good ever happen from that

I want to go home. I can't trust anybody else here


  1. Relax Dean .........

  2. A real emo should listen to My Chemical Romance, Dashboard Confessional, and Hawthorne Heights, er... and crying.

    Then you should pick up a nice shiny blade and slice your arm, to reveal all the arteries so that the blood spurts everywhere.

    Okay, I think I've been so emo. Hehe.

    For God sake, I don't fucking understand what you are having now. What disease? Mental disease?

    Bro, you should meet a professional kaunselor. Because my friend did that and it worked.

  3. dear mossavi
    thnk u 4 da support...

    dear pok deng
    there's something else abt me
    tht's ego
    that should keep my insanity in check
    so dun u worry abt me now

  4. yeah. its weird.
    you dont seem to have any problem.
    well, i think.
    i wonder what bothers you.
    care to tell?

  5. hang lah orang paling last aku akan gtau masalah aku, hang ngan abang2 hang kat bilik

    just treat the same way as u did b4
    dun mind me much