New Stuff, New Lane To Wander

Wowh, I never thought that the Great Britain land hides so many interesting story and things around. Lately, I've been expanding my horizon on my reading and my listening, just kinda want to refresh myself a bit. Well yeah, to kill this emo feels

Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series. At first glance, I thought that I must get away from this book, gotta go away. Like, that's so girlish or whatever. But since that I'm stuck in my sister's house and all of her other books I've read them all, I guess maybe I'll just take a sneak peek. Hell, she is hilarious! Becky, the main character, is so damn funny, the story revolves around her overwhelming shopping desire, and how she gets in and out of trouble. Hah. Now I understand better why girls are just so driven to shop, even though they are either out of strength or money

Kate Nash. Her songs are, like, wowh. Her song is very different from what we can normally hear in the Malaysian radios, which recently kept repeating the same music again and again, lame-o lah. "I usually create my music by looking through my diary, picking out creative words to express my life...and turn them into songs," is what she said. Haha, well maybe some of her lyrics are corny for some, examples Dickhead :P, but that's what made it all so intriguing

Oooh, how I regretted declining the IPG offer, then I can go to England :-(

Credits to that blog, for her words and choice of songs had helped me sort out my head a bit. "I'm currently sick with the mainstream movies," yeah, you rock girl :D, wish you luck in your SPM

Eh, nampak girlish kah aku ini? Aku kesah apa ngeh2 XD

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