Lonely, I Guess?


I've told myself that I shall not write anything new again until the end of my final exam and MUET. But I guess that's me all over again and again, I've done this before and I keep continuing it. I've even told here that this blog has no purpose left and was considered of being deleted, yet I've kept this blog alive still

Guess it shows you how important expressing my thought is to me

I miss them both. I know, I have no business of missing them at all, being now just Ariff to them, no significant meaning. But little they both know, that they are the ones that is important to me. Though one really hates me, I still find myself all over her still. The second one, she always gave me good advice even though she thought that I somehow despise her. Little that they know, they are the reasons now that I'm a better man, they are the reasons that I kept standing up again, even as I'm feeling like the world's a bad place to live

One hates me, and refuses to even communicate with me in every meaning whatsoever, while the other one had left already without I'm being able to say anything to her. Let's just say, that I miss them and is longing to see them again...

See, kan aku dh kata kalau aku wat post baru gak, it akan jd feelings-oriented


  1. dear Pok Deng

    I can't see anything wrong with missing the person that you care for

    You should stop telling a guy that can't get over a girl to meet a counselor. You yourself should know better