Girls, I Mean...

What's up with me and girls? It seems that I can never get along with them. Plus the fact I'm very shy with them, it looks like I can never be at peace at them, or even fathom their feelings. Yeah, why do I even bother with this? While all this time I had this problem, yet I'm not motivated enough to do anything about it

Yesterday, three girls hurt my feeling

I know, I should not make such an issue out of it. Bla bla bla, kecoh la lu dude, tu pun nk trasa ka? I mean, its normal aite that girls occasionally hurt the guys, because the guys had also hurt theirs, its like hair pulling, you do this to me, I do that to you. So why was I so moved to say something about it just now?

Rewind. A day before Raya, I met her. I met my first ever crush during my childhood. And God, she still is as beautiful as ever. But she's a changed person now, really a changed person. I don't know how to describe her exactly, but let just say that she doesn't look like a Malay anymore, plus the fact that she is as fair as pearl. Haha, I guess she's no longer the sweet demure girl hiding behind a veil that protects her aurat, no more. But I guess its better that way, I can start hating her using the reason of her not taking carrying herself well, for what she had said to me

But yeah, seeing that face again, no matter how changed she is now, it still painfully reminds me of my childhood. What she had said to me, that had completely changed the course of my life, are ringing inside my head like butterflies. Through the many years that had passed had somehow helped me forget about her and her words, the encounter with her the day before Raya had me reminiscing on the past, and now I can't get her out of my mind

I'm real sensitive right now, so if you're a girl, carefully pick your words when conversing with me, and this is pointed directly to them who can see me in Shah Alam, INTEC section 17 to be exact

Girls are so hard to understand. They had always seem like they would eat you any moment, but sometimes, they are like an angel to you, the way they treat you, the way the talk to you. Eventhough I have 3 sisters that I always talk to, I can never fathom their mind or predict what they are gonna do next


  1. salam dean.

    i think, u shud try and start to treat girls like friends, but at the same time respect them as girls lah.

    youth only comes once. buat kwn byk2, dgn cara tu boleh kenal org dgn lebih rapat. kan kan?

    #sadly, kita tak sempat..hehe..kena guna cara online ja la..

  2. salam miyn

    i guess ur right, n its not tht i'm not trying to do tht, just there's something holding me back

    sapa xmau kawan, apatah lg aku yg slalu duk sorang2, youth only comes once, kan bagus kalau aku x jd camni?

    #mmg, rasa rugi plak, tp worth it ka right now?

  3. of course its worth it
    every single bit of it

  4. sombody said to me, don't try to understand women, just love them.

    I've learned my lesson.