Take a Break

This pic was taken one day after subuh, and it was raining. Heaven for those snoring boys in my room

I stayed up all night until the next morning, from the midnight to the next subuh, and the reason for me doing so is that I was finishing the Mesian Studies essay. I don't know if my body can take it anymore, lately it seems like I haven't had enough sleep. Assignments, test, playing games, all of this demanding activities has finally taken some toll on me in terms of sleep. Thus, hereby I'm proud to declare that I am an insomniac now

Enough of that bullshit up there. What I'm really trying to say is that I'm really tired lately and in need of some rest. So that's why I'm staying at my sister's house during this Deepavali, and meet up with my nephews and niece. At least I can let off some steam here

And oh yeah, exam's on this Wednesday. With money running short, this is all we could enjoy at the moment. Oh, what the heck

Rupa-rupanya pembedahan Asyraf nnti adalah yg pertama kat Mesia, so perhaps nnti akan masuk paper. Heheh, ada can la aku nk tumpang glamer :P


  1. We should tepuk tangan 'gimme five' together lar.. since I'm the one yang kene insomnia jugak. I didn't sleep last night. Haih...

    About asyraf's surgery... 1st in Malaysia eh?? What kind of surgery?? Keng yu heksplen a bit fella?

  2. ya2, jom buat satu group nk pokdeng?
    group burung hantu, hakhak

    ermm, camna nk describe eh?
    well, hav u seen someone yg lung dia collapse, bleh nmpk yg dada dia menghilang?
    operation tu akan bubuh besi utk support balek lung tuh supaya dia bleh kembang balik n nmpk normal balik

    siries pelik, dada belah kanan dia melengkung ke dalam

  3. Yeah right, burung hantu. Once I qada' my sleep and woke up at 5 in the evening. Waalllaaa~!!!!

    Hmmm... I'm imagining that the alveoli things got too load with mucus so they collapsed. Hmmm... I don't know. That's perhaps my predictions. Distorted ribcage... hmmm... I've saw it once, on TV, depicted a southern Indian Kerala treatment to fix the physical defect, but I'm not sure whether it has connections to that alveoli/bronchiols something-something.

  4. Oh oh, it's my turn to wish you luck!
    Good luck!

  5. hey thnkz Nad!
    haha now ur exam's over, have fun ok

  6. i'm da cameraman
    so alas, no pics of me :P