Miss Her...

I miss my mom. Before this I only called her only once in a while, heck, sometimes she called me first. So okay, from now on, I'm going to call her every night onwards, until the final days of me living. Call me whatever, tease me manja or whatever shit, but I love my mom, what do I care?

Really need my mom. Even as there's a thousand girls around here in Shah Alam, my mom still tops everyone else

Bila aku dkt ngan mak aku, aku jd gemuk coz masakan mak aku sedap2 gla. Org kata bla aku gemuk aku nmpk happy, tarak emo2 sngt, so now aku x kisah kalau aku nmpk gemuk ke apa, aku nk mak aku!!!


  1. hahah
    what's that sigh for dear pok deng?
    may i know tht it contains no sarcasm whatsoever? :P

  2. I give you "Alahai anak omak" song by Ally Noor and Mastura.
    tolong nyanyi malalak kuat-kuat sambil hantuk kepala kat toilet.

  3. I pinched gumbleed to ask him sing that sound more louder.

  4. haish
    ni pakat duk kata aku emo la lani?
    udah2 le tuu...