Sayonara, Dear Friend

I totally had a real bad day then. Started from Friday morning where I left my book in the college and had to borrow a friend's motorbike to get it, got my leg crushed by the bus' door, and I'm lost on the way to my sister's house. Exaggeration number one, I almost lost my life.

Huuh, what a loser-way-of-thinking. Today's not suppose to be the day I moan about life's demeanor, but it is the day that I, alongside my other group mates to cherish one of our friend in our group, which is Ezalia. She got offer to continue her study from IPG, which mean she will be able to go to oversea, namely Australia. We all went to McD for the farewell party, and she insisted on paying us all.

How can I be so miserable while others are sad at the moment? I can see how Zalia feels very sad about leaving all her friends behind, the way she was carrying herself that day. We all had fun, yet somehow I can see that hard expression on Zalia's face eventhough she's putting such a jovial face. The same goes to Helmi, who was her former classmate before, I think. And all of them, however happy-go-lucky they may seem and act that day, I just knew they all felt the same way.

Good luck, you. The chances don't come around everytime, Australia and all. And thanks for being so nice to me, you still went over and talked to me, eventhough I just kept to myself and always hoping for the worst. With a bit of your help, I lighted up a bit and loosened up with people and socialize better. Ahh, it is so damn hard to find a good friend like you.

I had a real bad day then. I almost went to succumb to self-pitying again, when I stopped doing that for Zalia's sake. And after the day ended, I felt relieved for doing that. Alhamdulillah, road to positiveness is going smoothly for me :)