Dampened Ego

Never had before I found myself facing so many interesting scenarios in life, yet I found myself standing cold in front of it. I couldn't express myself, I kept fooling myself, and in the end, I lost something that could've been precious to me.

Suddenly I felt blank in front of the Create Post page everytime I thought of something to write. Maybe this is a good thing. For once, I could just experience life, and go through it without having to think on how to immortalize it by either writing a journal or posting a blogpost. Study also got better attention from me, which is very crucial at the moment.

Again, I take a break from blogging. If I kept doing this I maybe will somehow shun myself from anymore blogging. Huhhhh... I hope not


  1. ala.. jgn la stop blogging.. x best la nnt..

    aah, mane taw ni? awk pun law gak ke??

  2. nope lah
    n i bkn stop terus blogging nih