Mates Forever

When hardship falls upon you, you may be broken inside. You find yourself so weakened that you can't even breath, let alone stand on your own feet. That's when the vision of your loving family flashes upon you, but the hard truth hits you, they are not here...

That's when you suddenly you are not alone. The least expected help came upon you, in the form of some strangers you are living with them currently. Suddenly you realize that they are not just a strangers, but they are the true friends that stands beside you...

Aku sayang depa
Selagi hayat di kandung badan
Selagi tuh la aku akan menghargai persahabatan ini
Ya Allah, berkatilah kami semua...
Dari kiri: Apek, aku sendiri, Helmy, Boy, and Wan


  1. haha..
    true friend la sgt..;p

    amboi, hang..
    seronok je ckp aku sangap kt farah..
    wokey, no problem punye..

  2. betul pa

    ler, bkn iye ke?