Smile Baby

There she is, standing there as though she is waiting for someone. For instance, I took a glance at her lovely face, but then I looked away. Somehow, rather unusually, I turn my head to look at her again, and there she was, smiling at me, a total stranger that could been a total pervert or a total messed up freak. But I just looked away again, rather rudely, instead of smiling back at her

I guess that's one of my main problem. I hardly smiles at stranger, nevertheless of their warm attitude towards me. I usually only smiles at person that I know or at the elderly, but other than that, hello Mr Stoneface

That really sucks, though it may not seems so at first glance

Because, I missed out on a lot of occasion. Trust me, if you just don't smile enough, certain life's gift will slip away from your hand. Lets take this persona named Ariff here for example. Sometimes through the course of his ever wandering life, he is sometimes greeted by some very beautiful girls with an equally beautiful smiles. But then he just looks away, either greatly flustered or thinking that he doesn't deserve such a beautiful smile, as he believes that himself is an ugly no-looker

While those girls was just being polite, or just want to befriend him, but either way, its a lost cause for Ariff as he refused to smile back at them for the reason mentioned before

Well now, lets forget about Ariff. From my experiences, smiles does wonder in many aspects of life. For example, a simple and honest smile can land you an offer of a discount, it might get you in front of a queue, it may just set you up with the life partner you have ever been looking for. And as for the girls, it make them a hundred-fold better looking, nevertheless of how the girl looks like, attractive or ugly

Lesson learnt, smile makes your life better in some way you can never imagine

Well, for old time's sake, perhaps I shall write a poem here, though I've given up on poetry some time ago because of some painful relationship. After all, I need to embrace poetry again next year as it is included in the course I'm taking right now and I'm gonna learn more about it (is it?). Ah well, here goes nothing...

Smile baby
Don't fret, cos life sucks
Smile baby
Though they shout bitching at you
Smile baby
Even though nobody is looking
Smile baby
Wipe away that tears
Smile baby
Don't let it get the best of you
And smile baby
Even if that's the only thing you can do
Cos when you smile, baby
You make me smile, too
And it feels great, baby, so let us smile
And say "Get lost, suckers!", to them
Walk away, hand-to-hand, with a smile on our face

I can never forget that beautiful smile of her. Even though I'm just another customer of the shop, her smile reflects of a warm feeling and true honesty towards me. Sucks though that I just acted macho-like and didn't even ask for her phone number even as she continued to have a little chit-chat with me as there is no one else there

Owh shit, I find myself can't sleep without dreaming of her smile


  1. Dean,reading ur English made me feel inferior gla...
    Mine isn't brilliant as yours...

  2. Dude, i think you should go check my post 'THE WAY OF A PERAMPAS' so that it can help you to get close to girls. Ooops, i mean... belles. Ahaks!

  3. to nqb
    don't praise me like dat
    lelebih kembang je aku nnti

    to pok deng
    no way man :P

  4. wei ang minat kat belle mana ni??x gtau aku pun...huhuhu

  5. so what?
    it is NOT better than yours, anyway