Oh oh, Ramadan is already dawning upon us. Fasting month will soon ensue and we will be starving and praying and improving our health and body figure alike like hell. Oh well, same as the last two years, I'll be fasting without the presence of my beloved family and my mum's cooking. But still, it will be fun to break fast with friends of Meranti College, what with the variety of food available around Seksyen 2 Shah Alam, and the colourful characters around here, it'll be a buzz

Well, it'll be the first for me to break fast, university style. I'm still missing to break at my own home, complete with all of my sisters and brother with their childrens around, and to break fast with my fellow MRSM Beseri batch. Oh yeah, I miss those guys. It was a truly special feeling to break fast with all of them inside the huge dining hall (okay, maybe not that huge). And after all, last year was the last time I could feel all these feeling again, and after this, there will be no more break fast as special as this one

Well, as they say, it only gets easier if we actually spend time doing it. So calming my anxious heart, I started preparing for the Ramadan in this peculiar year. But the truth is, I still can't catch a glimpse of fasting in a here as a university student. Where shall I eat, what shall I eat, who should I eat with. Now I say, being 18 and independent is not easy as it seems to be

Oh well, what's the use of the Internet if we won't use it to increase our knowledge on Ramadan itself. I've been surfing a bit on Ramadan, and not much came up. Its kinda hard to find info on certain topics, and it just sucks, but I do found some interesting stuff on Ramadan, such as the fadhilats of Ramadan and some food tips.

Happy belated Ramadan. I found this phrase while surfing the net, which I have never heard of before. But still, happy belated Ramadan anyway


  1. rajin btol hang update blog ni kan?
    fully english plak tu..
    no wonder la hang amk tesl..;p

  2. hakhak rajen mendenya?
    boring2 aku mai la update si dia nih

  3. Happy belated Ramadhan? haha? OK, i hope i wont be able to hear Merry Ramadhan even though that's way too sensitive for us muslims.

  4. iyup, now don't laugh, i do found someone saying it somewhere in this land of malaysia, as corny as it may sound