Happy anniversary for me August this year, as August marks the month I'm free from someone's drowning incessant talk and needless attention. No more weekend call, no more hassling to meet each other. The time I finally be able to focus on my SPM last year, and saved my money on education rather than just spending it on some useless stuff. Me ditching Farah, and I'm still not over it actually

Don't even guess what the paragraph is suggesting, but if you want to, be my guest. The thing that I want to point here is the upcoming Independence Day, which coincidentally falls on the same month of August. It also suggest of a common theme, which is freedom. Seems like August is truly the month of freedom, as perceived by the whole Malaysia itself, and by me, in a way that only I can fathom and feel. Maybe this year, I'll truly forget about her and get on with life

I've been real busy of lately. So I was kind of expecting for the holiday this 31st of August, all like the previous years of being a school kid. Mind that, I'm a university student now. Hmm... I can still feel excited abut holidays right?


  1. haduh, burfday aku dh lepas laa
    august means something else for me
    cuba la jngn kata bufday aku

  2. you know, August is the only month that is also a word in English.
    hahah. sorry, being trivial.
    well, high school students have one week of hols in August. :P

  3. owh yeah?
    kerek la tuh
    now that I think about it...
    ey yeah, we university student
    also have one week of hols in August