Numero Uno
Almost nobody's home. My sis Annies is going to KL with her son aka my partner-in-crime Umarrr, so no point staying at her house this holiday. Kak Yu and Kak Ti is also not coming here,which means no battalion of noisy kids marching down here in Jitra, so no point staying in my house. Going out, urmmm... I don't think so...

Numero Dos
Lee Chong Wei failed to grab that elusive gold medal for Malaysia. Well, that sucks, but he tried though. Even under the tutelage of the great Misbun Sidek, Lin Dan proves to be such a formidable opponent. Congrats anyway :)

Numero Tres
I'm fat. No, rephrasing that one... I'm getting fatter by the every minutes passing by in my home. Not only that I ditched going to MKP to play basketball, I also picked up the habit of watching movies 24 hours since nobody is back home to even bother. Soon, I'm gonna look like the legendary Fat Chocobo, what with all the yellow feathers and stuff... Okay, now that's plain ridiculous

When will the holidays end eh? I was looking forwards for the holidays before, so that I can slow down the momentum of university's life and take a little break. But a little break is a little too much for me, as it seems after a day or two of holiday. I do love my mum's cooking, but its the mum's cooking that will turn me into a blob of fat and so damn immobile and gross looking...

Uhh, I don't wanna look like a blob of fat. I'm a virgin, for god's sake... :P


  1. get fatter, build muscles... Woo the girls.

  2. hahahaha
    perhaps when i get back to college
    i'll hit the gym then :P

  3. u shud be thankful, i've been eating like hell, but instead of gaining some weight, i lose some!

    maken kurus la aku, arifff~

  4. hahaha
    guess its a different story for you there dear

    lawak lah, ko maken kurus? XD

  5. ala....biar la badan naik...balek u nanti turun ka balek... :P

  6. what? dah fat kEr bro?
    susah nak turunkan balik tuh.. :)
    lama tak jenguk dEan..

  7. t0 dEar imaGiNasY
    ank ingat berat badan aku cam yoyo ka, senang ja nk naik nk turun?

    t0 sIs aLonG aRmAn
    hoho xder la fat akak, makin naik la
    maseh kerna jenguk kita di sini kak :)

  8. Dean,,,u look just fine to me...bknnya gemuk pun...cuma berisi ja..

    Yang penting ang happy.
    Klau da gurls y reject bcoz of ur body size,that's a typical 4 teen gurls...they heart the looks more than what's inside...
    Nnt bila dh 20an nnt,they'll realize,they missed-glance ur inner beauty...

    Inner beauty plg pentingkan? :)

  9. hey thnkz nqb
    of course I'm happy, n only lately
    girls nih dh out of my mind
    there's bigger thing to worry abt
    sejak2 mistook romance arituh...

    yup, inner beauty tuh yg penting

  10. oic...Dean,aku rs kalau ang write a book psl ur life...a memoir mesti sold out nya....

    And +,I Luvvvvvvvvv ur writing...


  11. owh i dun think so
    sapa nk baca on sumbody broken
    plus an emo-maniac at that?

    but hey, thnkz :)

  12. I do...and I think lots will...just try bro...
    Mana tau da rezki...
    Leh jd cm JK Rowling and Stephenie Meyer..:)

  13. lawak lah
    dats not my dream
    so i'm better focusing my energy
    on something else