It's almost Independence Day now. As the dawn of Freedom rise upon us, I somehow felt a little bit different this year. Merdeka has totally change somehow. As I said countless times before, it sucks

For the overall review of what Merdeka is all about this year, I'll let somebody talk about it, somebody wise and experienced, and used to be our great leader. And oh, don't hate me for choosing him as my reference, I know there's people out there who detests him, but I value his words more than his other vices or virtues. Just for the record, this why I fucking hates politics...

For so long I had been taught to appreciate Merdeka and to celebrate it with full enthusiasm. But now, with so much happening in the current politics of Malaysia, what are we gonna teach the children now that almost everyone have their own doubt with their own leaders, how are we gonna them to respect the elderly when the elderly act worse than a spoilt kid could?

Oh well, I guess I'll be celebrating Merdeka this year just like I did last year. Nothing much has changed for me, for all that matter. For one who hates politics, he just need his family and friends to get on with his life and why not?


  1. Dean,
    aku skong ang...
    Malaysia pny polictics nowadays has turned to REALPOLITIC..mcm y kita belajar History tu...
    It's too dirty to even mention kan??