The Lost Pictures

Years passed by, I've witnessed many things, watched many events, felt many emotions, yet I haven't realized one thing that I wanted to do the most during those times, which is to snap pictures! And now the regret's haunting me, those minutes passing by without me snapping pics like a crazed freak and feeling contented with myself. What a waste, really.

The Nokia 6120 Classic's camera is not good enough. The darn Picasa on my laptop is not good enough. I need a DSC-T300 Cyber-Shot Digital Still camera. I need the best Photoshop, or whatever shit they are using to edit pics nowadays. Ahakz poyo je promote handphone sendiri :P
I still feel grateful though. I'm lucky enough to still have friends that I can look upon to, and their ugly faces is more than enough needed to reminisce on the good old memories. About my pic-snapping tendencies, well, I can still wait till I got a job myself, and own the camera with my very own money. Entahla bila hmm...

But until then, anybody kind enough to sponsor a camera to me??? Bleh ke? Plzzz...

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