Cats, Cats and More Cats

Owh hey, take a look at this pics...

This is a kitten I found inside somebody's room when I was exploring the college. As I was so bored and got nothing else better to do, (tipu betul, assignment bnyk x siap XD), I decided to stick around and entertain the little kitty for a while.

I found out that this little kitty is quite the active one, she kept biting my fingers like fish chips, complete with the saliva drooling from her mouth. But after a while, she stopped chomping my hand when she clearly seems to be tired. That's when she started to suck in my hand, like a kitten sucking her mother's teat for milk.

That caught me flabbergasted at first, but then I started to wonder. Perhaps she got separated from her mother so early that she still needed milk for her growth, thus the hand sucking. I suddenly started to reminisce on the past, especially on the memories of my past cats. In my head, the picture of my first cat that I owned ever surfaced, which coincidentally looks very much like the kitten I'm holding then.

What a weird day. I'm holding a kitten that resembles my first ever kitty, and I spent the rest of the afternoon reminiscing about all the cats that I had ever owned, sired by that very own cat. Maybe its because I've never played around with cats since such a long time that I didn't remember it myself... *Sigh...

Heheh, bloopers :P


  1. alohh, cutenye kucin tu..
    awat x bela je
    jd kan kucin peliharaan..;p

    psst.. aah, uitm s.alam..
    same gak ke?

  2. hahaha
    xde duit la nk bela kucing tuh
    nk kna beli whiskas laa
    basuh tahi2 dia tuh

  3. huhu...tau dak aku balek hari tu kan...kucing aku 4 ekor hilang...

    tinggal 1 ja..


  4. owh
    aku paham perasaan tuh...
    aku penah hilang bnyk tuh gak