All In A Day's Class

Gosh, I miss her voice, but like I'm gonna hear them again. But I'll get over it soon, what with many guys shouting like apes around my surrounding *__*

At least I got my own voices to listen to :P (damn corny)

Anyway, today's class was quite, uhh, good. I got a great vibe about my next class. The lecturers, as expected, is as cool as cucumber, or whatever. As they explained about homeworks, assignment, journals, it does get down our nerves, stuff, as it is really different from our previous learning method. But the lecturers coolly explained it to us, making us a little bit at ease. Thank god.

Unexpectedly, I found lots of my former schoolmates, especially from the elementary school. It was surprising, I didn't have enough time to prepare a speech. Eheh. Anyway, I talked to them, and man, how I felt left behind. They all are on the preparation year to go overseas. Hehe, someone are even in the languange department of German languange, one of the languanges I aim to learn in my lifetime. I was so jealous of them, yet I'm proud and glad for them. For all it worth, I at least got motivated to excel in my own department myself. Ok, that's fine.

Friends is good. They are the catalyst for good memories in the past. Without them, I don't think I can remember anything that happened during my childhood. After all, their faces is all that we see back then.

Classes today was good. Let's see what happens next... ^__^

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