Lost In Translation?

Alah, really la kan, Malaysia nih sumer paham bahasa Malaysia kan? Naper plak nak ade slang2 nih hah, pehal? Mungkin kos faktor penempatan yg berbeza, maka wujudlah slang2 nih yee?

Aku kira pa. Sukati aku la aku nak bantai carut pa pon kan? Hang tak paham ka aku kesah pa. Buleh depa orang shah alam buat dek ja aku cakap kedah. Macam hangpa semua tak penah dengaq orang utara cakap. Nasib hangpa semua juai nasi roti ayaq nak bagi aku makan. Tidak jenuh aku dok cakap hangpa semua dok tak paham2 and lastly aku jugak terkebil kebil tak dapat makan.

I guess its back to basic eh? In this case its back to baku Malay. Gosh, how I forgot that I live in a vastly populated and have multicultural society Malaysia. Being in Kedah since I learned how to speak at the age of five sure have harden my soul and tongue with pure Kedahan feel. So basically my everyday normal communication will be held with the Kedahan Malay slang.

The other slang I've ever heard my entire life is KLlites and Kelantanese. OK, since both my sis live around Selangor area, I had my bit on speaking KLlites slang, so I'm quite used to them. Kelantanese, these kind of slang is very beautiful and intriguing to hear, though its real damn hard to fathom a word spoken in pure Kelantanese slang. Other than these, its a world apart from my normal speaking world.

But hey, being in UiTM Shah Alam bought upon me the chance to meet many new people from all over Malaysia, thus the encounter with such many more slang being bombarded on daily basis [ngeeee]. I've got to hear how the Sarawakians speak in Malay, those dudes from Pahang, and some that came from Johor, a place that I used to call home. Though I'm missing Melaka, and Negri Sembilan, and some other state, these encounter is already enough to left me baffled over the confusion over the slangs being spoken everywhere in Kolej Meranti.

Its a rich experience, meeting all kind of these new people. Yeah, I do have difficulty on communication here sometimes, but really, its no real problem here. In fact, I can learn some of them, and perhaps someday they will somehow be useful to me. Plus, the people that brings all these slangs over here, carry with them the many new exciting stories from their part, their family, their surroundings. To know them is like to read a story from far away, and its real fun to learn about something that we didn't know about.

Whatever shit, I'm still proud of being a Kedahan, Jitrans at that. Comes Kelantan, comes KL, I'm going Kedah hundred percent at you

"Abang, nak ayaq bandung satu"
"Nak ayaq bandung satu"
"(Bangang betoi la) Ayer bandung satu..."

Seriously, ayaq still rhyme with ayer right?


  1. serious shit?? x kan hg ckp maw ayaq bandung pun abg tu x pham??? btoi2 #$%* la abg tu.. ptut la keja juai ayaq ja..;p

  2. serius dowh, depa mmg x paham :P

  3. aku bangga jd kedahan okes..

    kiut pa ckp kedah..tapa, jd diri sendiri..org kedah suka ckp KL, jitra pun ada jd jitre, tak tahannnn btoi..

  4. kiut eh? hahaha
    satu sbb lg aku kan meneruskan
    kedah dlm jiwa aku nih

  5. lorhh.. abih kowt hg nk air limau ais, lg pening abg tu nak pk..;p