Emo Sucks

Ahh, lately, I've been so negative about myself. Some have even accused of me being an emo person, and I started to believe it myself. I don't know whether I should put the blame on the misfortune that has been happening to me lately, or to acknowledge that it is fate and just let it go.

OK, both option is very negative, and about the same too. I'll change myself for the better, to be more positive. Beside, that's what she told me to do, and I shall do it.

The title is not to hurls insult at emos everywhere, as it may sound. Apologies


  1. ahhhh~

    do it slowly la, kdg2 ada certain element that makes u, a you..and we are all special in our own way..

    cuma maybe things like self-esteem bla3 tu ja kena enhance lg, tapa, aku pun still dlm process..

    but whatever it is, tapayah pk apa org ckp, u hv to be fitted, but dun change to be accepted okes..

  2. thnkz 4 da encouragement miyn
    again, encouragement came from the least person i expect it to come from

    i won't change to be accepted
    tried that, n it really sucks
    somebody already accepted us
    just as we are, in fact they
    fell in love the moment the lay their eyes upon us, when we first came into this world
    u know who right?

  3. hehe yep. tau takpe. sometimes mcm rase tak worth it kan? but it's good that you want to be better. most people just emo je, tak buat ape-ape to change. we're all still learning, anyway. :)

  4. thnkz 4 da comment nad
    yup, learning 2 change
    oneself to be better

  5. Emotion shows others that you are not a heartless robot.

  6. yesh, but if we cling too much on emotion n dun strive in life,
    we became a lifeless person physically and mentally